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  1. mit1

    Received an empty box from Amazon Warehouse

    Thanks for all your advice guys/girls My mum has got my sister in law (A Green Eyed Fiery Redhead) to add herself to the her Amazon account so she can talk to customer services in a more forceful manor. I did reassure my mum we would get her money back for her even if we had to do a card...
  2. mit1

    Received an empty box from Amazon Warehouse

    Having some trouble with Amazon too at the moment..... My mum who is 73 asked me what I would like for xmas, she has been shielding due to pandemic and was obviously concerned about going out on public transport to city centre shopping centres. I told her to buy us all Amazon vouchers as this...
  3. mit1

    1080 Upgrade help ?

    Having just upgraded over the weekend from the very same card as you to a Inno3D GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER Gaming OC X2 that I managed to pick up from the B grade section for £450 I have to say I am impressed with the performance bump. I was hoping to hold off until the new 3000 series cards are...
  4. mit1

    Gigabyte Z170X-Gaming 7 Owners Thread.

    Top man!!! Thank you
  5. mit1

    Gigabyte Z170X-Gaming 7 Owners Thread.

    Hi maklabouhlel any chance of a copy of the F22p bios please, i have been suffering with this USB issue for ages and have never got to the bottom of it. Thanks in advance
  6. mit1

    Be wary of CDKeys

    Bought Ride 3 from them today at 11.52am but keep on getting "Your purchase is not yet available for download, please come back shortly" when i hit the download link in the receipt. They are advertising the game key as in stock with instant download! I have emailed support and asked "Can...
  7. mit1

    Best vr graphics game?

    I also have PC1, 2 and Dirt Rally but find Assetto Corsa looks better than PC1&2 on VR, (Dirt Rally also looks great especially night races) you can see the bends coming up easier. Also on AC you if you have enough room in your play area you can get out and walk around the car, the detail is...
  8. mit1

    ** 8 PACK BUNDLE: 6700K OC, AIO, ASUS HERO, 16GB 3000MHz & MORE FOR £499.99 (£270 SAVING) **

    I know Gibbo said Boxing day! Then they changed it to 28th 10am
  9. mit1

    ** 8 PACK BUNDLE: 6700K OC, AIO, ASUS HERO, 16GB 3000MHz & MORE FOR £499.99 (£270 SAVING) **

    Just read the thread again..... From what i read on 21.11.16 I really felt this was done deal @£499. Just over one hour after the deal went live Gibbo said it would be repeated on Boxing day, that was it for me!!! Done deal....... it was going to be a great Xmas week building and...
  10. mit1

    ** 8 PACK BUNDLE: 6700K OC, AIO, ASUS HERO, 16GB 3000MHz & MORE FOR £499.99 (£270 SAVING) **

    Plus 1 Scraped £500 together ready to buy on 28th, but really cant stretch any further than that at this time of year. Really disappointed, maybe i have misunderstood/misinterpreted all the comments from Gibbo and the team saying this deal/bundle will be back on sale on the 28th........... its...
  11. mit1

    ***The Official 1080 Overclocking Thread***

    Zotac 1080 Amp Spectra Idle 30c load 70c (Room temp 20c) Out of the box boost i am seeing 2063 dropping to 2000 as temps rise, it hasn't dropped below 2000 yet even after 4 hours playing BF4 and BF1, (in a well ventilated case). Very impressed with it :)
  12. mit1

    Upgrade to a GTX 1080

  13. mit1

    1070 with 2500K

    First game i tried last week after swapping out my 7990 for my new 1080 was BF4, i didnt know the fps limit was 199fps............. I do now ;) 1440p Been playing and loving BF1 today, everything at ultra 1440p and hitting 80_140fps. Tried playing with vsync 60fps and it has never dropped...
  14. mit1

    1070 with 2500K

    I am using a 1080 Zotac Amp Extreme with my [email protected] My previous card was a 7990, got my 1080 last weekend and have to say it smashes the 7990. If my 2500k is bottlenecking then i am not noticing it ;) Using a 1440p monitor BF4 playing ultra Playing BF1 at ultra Project cars Ultra 6xaa...
  15. mit1

    The Pascal GTX 1080 Owners Thread

    I received yesterday a Zotac Amp Extreme Spectra GTX1080 Bought it from the B grade section for £550, what a bargain!!! (my guess would be, it was returned under DSR because it wouldn't fit in their case) Even managed to register it with Zotac for the 5 year warranty. Came in original box...
  16. mit1

    The AMD Driver Thread

    Blackscreen problem has come back for me too with latest driver and W10
  17. mit1

    Merry Christmas from everyone here at Overclockers UK!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  18. mit1

    I've done it - I'm half the man I used to be.

    Well done mate, a massive transformation..... very inspiring!
  19. mit1

    Mondeo k-k-kangaroo'ing

    I had similar problems on my 60 plate last year and it turned out to be the maf sensor.