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  1. Sheff

    Greenlizard0 PL & Championship Football Thread ** spoilers ** [7th - 12th May 2022]

    Absolutely love Conte, I don't mind so much about the entertainment right now as there are clear limitations in midfield so the team is playing to its strengths - although saying that Romero is usually good for some entertaining moments each game!
  2. Sheff

    Local elections on May 5th 2022

    Ineffectual, possibly racist (MP that made the "****** in the woodpile" comment) and her voting record is patchy at best. I'd rather write to any other Devon MP over her, barring Neil Parish!
  3. Sheff

    Local elections on May 5th 2022

    I'd rather have the chance to approach a regional MP from a different party than my current MP (Anne-Marie Morris), there isn't any local link as she was parachuted in during 2010 and still doesn't live in the area. MPs are generally loyal to their party for fear of removal of the whip so I...
  4. Sheff

    UK Government Performance 2019-2024

    That was Andrew Lansley, Jeremy Hunt tried to reverse a lot of the mess while avoiding further reorganisation.
  5. Sheff

    How old is your smartphone?

    I've had my Mate 20 Pro for almost 3.5 years, the battery still lasts for more than a day unless I use it heavily and it's still able to handle most things I throw at it (including dropping it multiple times resulting in just a few minor surface scratches!) so I'm not inclined to upgrade. I've...
  6. Sheff

    fig roll packets are too small

    Fig rolls, garibaldis and pink wafers are massively underrated.
  7. Sheff

    What was your favourite Galaxy S-series phone?

    I had the S2 and S7, the S7 is probably the best phone I've had with regards to features and size (I still miss the headphone jack!) but moving from a HTC Hero, the S2 was the largest noticeable jump in performance.
  8. Sheff

    Tech related - I have never?

    Bought an Intel based PC/Laptop for myself.
  9. Sheff

    This is getting ridiculous (energy prices)

    For every Diane Abbott there's a failing Grayling or "pork markets" Truss. I doubt there's a single party that doesn't reward incompetence at least some of the time.
  10. Sheff

    Combating energy prices

    I've just moved into a mid-terrace, I can certainly tell when the neighbours have put their heating on so I might get away with leaving mine off next winter!
  11. Sheff

    Pay rise 2022

    I think that was for last April's pay rise, but the way things are going I don't see them agreeing to anything.
  12. Sheff

    Advice: IT support career in the NHS?

    I don't think you can jump from 6 to 8. 5 to 7, yes in rare circumstances (usually agreed at the time of recruiting and certainly not for the service desk). When I worked on a service desk for NHS Digital, the structure was: Band 3 - trainees/apprentices Band 4 - analysts Band 5 - senior...
  13. Sheff

    The Post-Brexit Thread

    From a purely selfish perspective, it's made purchasing specific items much more difficult and/or expensive.
  14. Sheff

    The End of Boris

    That was Andrew Lansley, although Hunt did have a few controversies of his own.
  15. Sheff

    NHS=Negligent Health Service

    Care records departments require managers, as does estates, IT, finance, clinical coding, switchboard, research/library services, HR, information governance, referral services, porters, the many various reception staff, ward managers, legal, senior leadership - the list goes on. And that's just...
  16. Sheff

    Adele asks Spotify to remove the random button (for albums)

    Does Spotify seamlessly progress through tracks? I can see how shuffling certain albums would be jarring - Songs for the Deaf for example.
  17. Sheff

    Ole's sacked, who next?

    I think Gallardo's contract expires in December, if he does want a job in Europe then perhaps an interim position would be appealing?
  18. Sheff

    2021/22 Premier League Sack Race

    Levy is taking a step back on the football side of things now that we have Paratici - Paratici announced Nuno's departure and Conte's arrival, he's dealing with the press conference on Wednesday and it seems that he's the one that convinced Conte to join Spurs. Levy has plenty to get on with, a...
  19. Sheff

    2021/22 Premier League Sack Race

    I don't think Nuno would have been able to bench Kane if he wanted to sadly, but to be honest Son hasn't played particularly well either. A lot of it is down to service; through balls attempted in a congested area, terrible crosses to no-one in particular, long straight passes into the...
  20. Sheff

    2021/22 Premier League Sack Race

    I'd hoped that when Nuno came in that we'd play like wolves; 3 at the back with wingbacks pushing up the pitch and into the box to join in with Kane and Son. Instead we got this awful recycling of the ball with the occasional lame attempt at a cross into the box - even our set pieces are dire...