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  1. Bill101

    New quasi-sports Sedans

    No chance!, he buys Hondas while living in America which means that they laugh at him over there as well*. *and he thought it was because of his driving gloves, Hondas are only ever bought by parents for their high school children.
  2. Bill101

    Flatscreen sound is bit pants but....

    Get a Panasonic soundbar, your Viera remote will work with it. The newer ones have dialogue enhancing features as well as ARC
  3. Bill101

    Soundbars vs. traditional"2.1/4.1/5.1 setup

    ''What Hi Fi'' has just done a review of soundbars in their latest edition Some of the latest are included here on their website.
  4. Bill101


    Have a quick look at these 110 pages of forum :)
  5. Bill101

    Siliconslave's how to make espresso thread

    I've bought a couple of bags from them. They have a stall at the local farmer's markets with a large range of beans. I got a Peaberry and a monsoon from them and had no problem with either
  6. Bill101

    What cut of beef in carveries?

    Also make sure it says ''UK beef'' otherwise there is a chance that it is actually something exotic like Zebu !
  7. Bill101

    Filmwise Invisibles

    2. annie hall 4. precious edit: curse these slow, clumsy fingers!
  8. Bill101

    Honda Civic "sport" or alternative

    Try a test drive in one and see if you can live with the steering, it is not only very light, it also has the turning circle of an oil tanker. Two attempts to get into a supermarket car park space is not cool ;)
  9. Bill101

    Any Renault mechanics here??

    Could also be the battery on it's way out. In the cold weather the voltage drop is enough to set off a sensitive alarm. The fact that it goes off in the early (and coldest) hours may suggest the battery as the culprit, this happened to the guy next door
  10. Bill101

    Not bad for a 998cc Imp

    I used to be able to get that kind of action with my old Singer, but @ 30MPH :o There is absolutely no weight in the front of them so the back was always trying to overtake the front. Mind you mine would have overheated before it got to the first bend!
  11. Bill101

    Old albums!

    Brilliant LP, though I would class it as middle aged rather than old :) Check out Joni Mitchell's Hejira, same producer and a lot of the same musicians. For loudness you cannot beat Alice Cooper's single ''Schools out (forever)'' which always amazed me with the output from a small 7 inch...
  12. Bill101

    Help identify this bulb

    Can you trace the wire back. it should end in a transformer which may have its output printed on it as you can get G4 lamps in 6,12,and 24 volts.
  13. Bill101

    Lee Child - Jack Reacher

    Can anyone imagine Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher? Just Hollywood then?
  14. Bill101

    Brian Eno

    Another vote for Before and After Science as a starter or Discrete Music if you want ambient. His new one ,out last week, is similar ambient. Thursday Afternoon was the first CD I ever bought. you could,maybe, live without ' The Lion Sleeps tonight'' :) 801 Live has a real 70's feel to it if...
  15. Bill101

    Short Break In Barcelona At Christmas

    plan your journey with this
  16. Bill101

    Contents insurance

    I've just renewed mine (contents and building) with AXA for £240 which includes the garden shed contents and my new hybrid bike.
  17. Bill101

    Carb crazy wife is now diabetic, advice....

    I bought a couple of low GI cook books along with the GI book for dummies, both of which helped.
  18. Bill101

    Spec me Some Good Champagne

    I think the new Tesco double clubcard points offer this time around included their 'Finest' wines and Champagnes, so you could get either double the quantity or up the quality if you are a regular shopper with them.
  19. Bill101

    George Pelecanos - The Cut

    I've not read that book but, last summer I read about 6 of his. I do enjoy his style of writing.
  20. Bill101

    Spec me: nuclear themed films!

    an old one to look out for is ''Twilight's Last Gleaming'' It has Burt Lancaster as a rouge military man trying to provoke a nuclear war.