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  1. me227

    Help setting up Kodi so I can play movies from my HTPC?

    I put all my content into one directory then split into sub directories for movies, etc. I had issues in the past sharing folders but I mapped my shared directory to a network drive and it either showed up under NFS or SMB with no bother.
  2. me227

    Arma 3: Exile

    I bought this a while back and really enjoyed it. The controls were a bit awkward but you got used to them. The real life servers were crap.
  3. me227

    No Man's Sky - Procedural space game

    If the outcome of the ASA investigation is that Steam has to remove the current promotional material on the store page, is this not an admission that it was false advertising? I fully intend to make another refund request if the investigation does not go in Steam's favour.
  4. me227

    *** Rocket League *** Car Football

    I never knew that! I wondered why so many people came up as PsyNet. :o I do enjoy this game, bought it a few months back and give it a quick go most evenings.
  5. me227

    No Man's Sky - Procedural space game

    I've written a complaint to the ASA too. Also had no luck at all with Steam's useless CS. In my request I even included screenshots of users profiles who had played it more recently and for longer than me but they got their refund. I'm thinking of writing in to the BBC Consumer Watchdog to...
  6. me227

    No Man's Sky - Procedural space game

    I'm trying for the 2nd time for my refund. My response to their pre-scripted reply was to include screenshots of users with more more playtime than me who have had their game refunded. It'll show up on their recent activity but not show in their list of games.
  7. me227

    No Man's Sky - Procedural space game

    I've put in a polite Steam support ticket for a refund based on the Consumer Rights Act 2015. Tried the automated refund and it was declined last night. I've got 14 hours playtime. Digital content The...
  8. me227

    No Man's Sky - Procedural space game

    I've played about 13 hours and I doubt I'll be playing it again anytime soon. I got bored of going to different planets and finding the exact same buildings and things there. This game is a yawnfest tech demo.
  9. me227

    Windows 10 question

    I upgraded when I was reinstalled Windows 7. Done the upgrade and used Jelly Bean Key Finder to get the Windows 10 key and then just reinstalled Windows 7. No need to rush to Windows 10 now. :D
  10. me227

    Excel question - Transposing cells

    Copy each row. Select the cell you want to paste to. Go up to the paste options and click paste special. There's an option in there to transpose. This is assuming you're just wanting it transposed.
  11. me227

    Dodgy joke.

    Did you hear about the magic tractor? It turned into a field. Or you could read the longest joke in the world. Or this dodgy joke. NSFW Joke
  12. me227

    Trip to Italy, any advice?

    Guard your pockets. Many a pickpocket about in Italy.
  13. me227

    Is this North Face jacket acceptable for office work?

    I usually take my jacket off when I get into the office. I get too warm otherwise. If it's Formal Friday then my mole skin business tuxedo is thick enough to act as a jacket.
  14. me227

    Babies are bloody expensive!

    You don't need a breast pump. Her breasts will already be bigger from the pregnancy.
  15. me227

    Cities: Skylines

  16. me227

    Nice try...

    Tesco Bank have about six branches in the whole of the UK so it might be difficult going to one as the e-mail suggests. Also that logo attempt is laughably bad. The font isn't even the same. :p Seems scammers will just pick any old bank to try and copy.
  17. me227

    ***Official GTAV PC Thread*** [Important warning updated in the OP]

    I've just sent an invite to join the crew. Look out for the name Butt Slayer. I've played this on and off but haven't given any of the heists a proper go yet.
  18. me227

    Family Tree Researchers/Photobook

    Just got an e-mail tonight saying Ancestry will stop supporting Family Tree Maker next year. Linking your account to the software might not work when they stop support. It'd be pretty useless without it.
  19. me227

    Family Tree Researchers/Photobook

    I done mine and ended up finding out a lot! I tried to do the hard copy thing to show people but it didn't work out. Spreading from Ireland to Prussia! The easiest option was to invite them to your ancestry family tree to view it (assuming you have one).