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  1. Mr.Stu

    Higher rate tax band - things to be aware of?

    Some more ideas. Buy 5 days extra holiday per year (lots of companies offer this) -2% salary Opt-in to company car scheme (electric), and lose the car allowance Gift aid receipts (including things like national trust) [and donations to your local school "PTA"] Don't forget previous years...
  2. Mr.Stu

    I think our house is shockingly badly insulated.

    If anywhere in your house gets down to 10c in the night, something is very wrong.
  3. Mr.Stu

    Large vertical Radiators

    Yeah they need good flow, and take a while to heat up due to lower surface area. Ours only got really going when we balanced the system and took some flow away from upstairs. Missus still complains they dont feel as hot as the old rads, despite them doing the same job of space heating. PS.dont...
  4. Mr.Stu

    Does such a paint exist (internal wood work)

    Need to refresh all internal woodwork on our ~40 year old house. Original gloss everywhere, faded to a nice cream colour. Does a product exist that allows painting straight over the gloss? Is it possible to get a decent finish without sanding the gloss? Something like Zinser OneCoat perhaps...
  5. Mr.Stu

    Computer networking undergraduate project ideas

    Protip. Choose a subject that allows easy comparisons and therefore clear path to generate data. I did networking 15+ yrs ago at uni. My fyp was on Qos protocol efficacy with voip (which was hot at the time) as the payload.
  6. Mr.Stu

    Garage - electric roller door

    Sounds about right, we paid £2300 for a pair fitted 6 months ago. Included removal, fobs, and the PVC cladding.
  7. Mr.Stu

    *** The official 2020 MacBook Air/13" MacBook Pro thread (it has the M1 chip and everything!) ***

    The speakers on the m1 MacBook Air are crazy good, very impressed.
  8. Mr.Stu

    What "man jobs" have you done today?

    Bloody lovely job, well done, I'm definitely not showing this to my missus
  9. Mr.Stu

    Q about insurance and lock types

    Same here, Sheila's Wheels did not care what locks I had, or even if I had a house alarm or not ?!
  10. Mr.Stu

    WBAC Values

    Bought an UP GTI 2 years ago for £12k from a main dealer. Did about 5k milies in two year and used the 2 free services. WBAC offered £10900 via website, and £10300 due to some bodywork issues after valuing. Sold it for £10750 privately in the end.
  11. Mr.Stu

    Being asked to pay for services of landscaper up front

    Agree with this. Had loads of stuff done, and only ever staged payments for big extension work, and even then the first payment was 2 weeks in.
  12. Mr.Stu

    What "man jobs" have you done today?

    Red Devil filler - it will change your life.
  13. Mr.Stu

    mixed views: minimum flow for unvented cylinder

    Time to upgrade that incoming main - PITA, but if you plan on being there for 10years+, I would go through this pain now.
  14. Mr.Stu

    mixed views: minimum flow for unvented cylinder

    I would not go near an unvented with that flow rate. Firstly the performance will be crap (For reference we just had an unvented system installed, we have 4bar incoming and 20 lt/min static pressure. The performance is good, not great, and you can just about run a hot tap downstairs, whilst...
  15. Mr.Stu

    Recommendations on non-destructive wall fixings?

    And if you do end up doing a proper job with plugs, get some DuoPower ones. I saw them recommended on here a couple years ago and they are great.
  16. Mr.Stu

    Plasterboard ceiling repairs

    We have some similar cracks to deal with. Every option sounds like a shot in the dark. Few of the tradeys I know say they would paper over them!
  17. Mr.Stu

    The nervous wait to exchange....

    Does it have building regs approval and certificate? Check planning portal.
  18. Mr.Stu

    Dig a hole in tarmarc drive... how to fill without looking horrible

    They are on the list ! Only been here 3 weeks :D
  19. Mr.Stu

    Dig a hole in tarmarc drive... how to fill without looking horrible

    Well the drain needed sorting and there was no luxury of messing around with options. It got patched: Will the give the sealer stuff a whirl in spring and widen+block pave in a few years.
  20. Mr.Stu

    Dig a hole in tarmarc drive... how to fill without looking horrible

    Maybe patch it, then do the entire drive with a couple of coats of this stuff