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  1. Drizmod

    Worried about the Queen

    Lizard people bro. Its the lizard blood....
  2. Drizmod

    Raspberry pi is it possible to setup pi-hole on wap?

    Not sure if this is helpful but I have two groups setup (one is blocked and one is unblocked) and I can add clients to each group. Currently I have lists assigned to the Blocked group and then my kids tablets and laptops assigned to that blocked group and my desktop, laptop and phone is assigned...
  3. Drizmod

    Do you power off your PC?

    With the energy bills going up not only am I shutting down my pc now but I have also undervolted my GPU
  4. Drizmod

    Useful Freeware Utilities

    Worked flawless for me. I have 3 front fans on a 3 way splitter connected to a fan header on the motherboard. I have one rear fan on its on own header and one top rear fan on its own header. Everything was picked up. I am using the mix fan curve with CPU and GPU and it works great. First time...
  5. Drizmod

    Ways to save money using a VPN?

    I am only subbed because my family members who don't live with me can also use the account currently and that's a good deal. If they crack down on account sharing then they will lose many people who account share because it was a good deal which it wont be any more. I bet Netflix will lose out...
  6. Drizmod

    Useful Freeware Utilities

    FanControl is a great piece of software. Jayz2cents did a video of this recently and it seems so much better than what you get with your motherboard software GitHub - Rem0o/FanControl.Releases: This is the release repository for Fan Control, a highly customizable fan controlling software for...
  7. Drizmod

    Tech failing to pull out of Putin

    You stopped using tech from China who are genociding Uyghurs?
  8. Drizmod

    good cheap video editing software?

    There Shotcut which is a free opensource video editor which is very good Shotcut - Home
  9. Drizmod

    Valve announces the SteamDeck

    If I was Hayden my first question to Gabe would be "Where is Half Life 3?"
  10. Drizmod

    Humble Choice

    Just get Game pass for 30 odd quid for a year and you will have access to ME LE as well as tons of other games
  11. Drizmod

    What was your first PC spec?

    Intel Pentium 133Mhz 16MB ram 1GB HD ATI 2MB GPU Was a Medion PC I bought from Aldi for like £500 if I remember correctly Later I added the Voodoo 3 PCI 16MB card just in time for Tomb Raider 2 and the graphics difference was insane. Don't think I have ever seen the same difference again
  12. Drizmod

    PC Game Pass (was Xbox Game Pass for PC)

    So My 3 years of Game Pass Ultimate ran out a few days ago and I can confirm the Xbox Gold transfer to Game Pass trick still works.
  13. Drizmod

    Games you've invested >500 hours in

    Counter Strike Source back in the days. Didn't have a huge choice like today so was easy to sink so many hours in
  14. Drizmod

    How the hell do Currys stay in business?

    They stay in business from the billions they made from over 2 decades ago from selling MONSTER hdmi cables for £40 each (scammed customers by showing one TV with SCART cable and other tv with MONSTER hdmi cable side by side comparison setup)
  15. Drizmod

    Windows 11 upgrade - Yay or Nay at the moment?

    You can use an app like Rufus to create a bootable USB from the official ISO that ignores the checks and lets you install.
  16. Drizmod

    **** Official Fallout 76 Thread ****

    Is this game worth playing now? Have avoided it for a long time but seen it on Game Pass so thinking of giving it a go
  17. Drizmod

    PC Game Pass (was Xbox Game Pass for PC)

    Was about to install Mortal Combat 11 then realised its 152 GB! How can a fighting game be that big?
  18. Drizmod

    Halo Infinite Mulitplayer (free and out now)

    Yeah same. last couple of days I have noticed some god tier players that seem to know everything that's happening around the corner.
  19. Drizmod

    Halo Infinite Mulitplayer (free and out now)

    How random are the weapons on respawn in Tenrai Fiesta? So many times one team takes a big lead and all of a sudden you see enemies with Energy Swords and Gravity Hammers completely annihilating your team and get a big come back?