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  1. frosty03

    NHS will be privatised

    You guys have no idea the ride you're on. There will be Hospital A and B, one or both may be private or not. But rest assured, that both will eventually have different "levels" of service. A may be "free at the point of delivery" aka NHS as we know, but to make it financially viable, have to...
  2. frosty03

    what shall I 3D print?

    Tesseract, pics if successful
  3. frosty03

    North Korea threatens US with a pre-emptive nuclear strike.

    Interesting idea. I smell a false flag "incident". US retaliates in "self defence", NK becomes global exporter of glass, but you have to wash off the ash first.
  4. frosty03

    Building a HTPC setup Would you consider the above? I'm also toying with the idea of getting a NUC for a HTPC, looks like it can get the job done.
  5. frosty03

    nzbmatrix quits

    one of the unintended consequences of this may be the increased uptake of bitcoins to "donate" to some other sites. Expect more sites to spring up now that paying for things becomes easier and harder to control. As usual, the accelerated evolution by the futile effort to cling onto a dated...
  6. frosty03

    High-energy laser-based weapon system

    i wonder what happens if a human gets hit by one of these.... sure it'll sting, but will it vaporize?
  7. frosty03

    HMV in trouble again.

    You're describing JB HIFI in Australia. They are doing pretty well.
  8. frosty03

    HMV in trouble again.

    For starters, they could have had a service where you could rock up with an ipod/iphone/mp3player/usb stick plug it in a kiosk and download what you wanted for a nominal sum. But oh no, they had to cling onto their dated business model of selling pressed pieces of plastic at inflated prices...
  9. frosty03

    HMV in trouble again.

    i dont have sympathy for them, they are a bunch of complacent idiots. Prices too high, and it wasnt that they didnt know they were not making money, but rather the contempt that held the consumer in not even trying to cut prices to encourage buyers. Then you have the British Phonographic...
  10. frosty03

    Musings on cooling down coffee...

    I use a metal cup so that it cools faster to a drinkable temp.
  11. frosty03

    Melbourne in Australia - Things to do!

    Animals, better off going to Melb zoo. Healsville is quite far, as is Warribee. Would see most things at Melb zoo anyway. Get one of those myki passes (oyster cards) once you get there asap. Great ocean road deserves at least a road trip with an overnight stay. 3h to the apostles as it is.
  12. frosty03

    Just got a shock from the mains...

    This. Only difference is how crispy you become
  13. frosty03

    Will Israel Attack Iran?

    It depends on who you ask. Some do not believe that is real has any right to exist. Their view is the land was taken by force, and they have no right to exist. Which is why we have the current situation. Even reading views on both sides, it isn't very clear if they have absolute right to...
  14. frosty03

    How do you separate the yolk from the white of an egg?

    True. But if you only have 1 sieve that you want to keep dry for use later... This bottle trick may be faster if doing multiple yolks. Crack them all onto plate and then pluck the yolks out with the bottle... might give it a try...
  15. frosty03

    Apple vs Samsung, court orders Samsung to show Apple 5 new phones

    By the same accounts, all car manufacturers have "copied" henry ford's original design. After all, all cars do have 4 wheels, and a round thingy to steer. Not to mention they all place the driver facing forward and in the sitting position.
  16. frosty03


    mobo screwed to case - check PSU to mobo - check ram in - check cpu (socket A amd) in - check Lets juts boot it up WITHOUT the HSF just to see if it POSTs before adding in more bits. Press power.... hear a small pzzfftt, then nothing, then the whiff of something burning. Moral of the story...
  17. frosty03

    *** The Official Diablo III Thread ***

    just played after the patch. They have done something strange. In under an hour, found just over 20 yellows with tons of blues. Base MF was always about 130%, and with 5 stacks. But i never got that many yellows, which were even dropping from normal monsters. And then i pressed 2. Vault with...
  18. frosty03

    Australian Welfare Card

    I would take serious issue with that statement. The state is responsible for, amongst other things, a system of taxation which makes it economically unfavourable for business to be set up and florish. The state is responsible for factors which make it easier to be on the dole than work. The...
  19. frosty03

    Assange to go!

    He should now martyr himself and walk out and take whatever happens. Even "if" he makes it out of the UK (most unlikely), some "accident" will befall him eventually. Better off just walking out and be done with it.
  20. frosty03

    Assange to go!

    Load him into limo with diplomat, diplomatic vehicle. Drive said limo into back of C-130 at airport. You know who doesnt need to exit vehicle or touch "british soil". Fly off. PROFIT!