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  1. Nebzor

    I want a new tag

    Doran in attention seeking shocker!
  2. Nebzor

    is there a microsoft office power point presentation 2009?

    2012. Nibiru. The End*. *of Microsoft Powerpoint.
  3. Nebzor

    sickening police violence

    I don't fail to see it, I just treat it as an uncertainty because nobody in this thread has any idea what happened before he the video. He could have been a perfectly good man, walking home from work slowly due to his poor health when he gets mixed up in a protest (which was not a riot...
  4. Nebzor

    sickening police violence

    And shoving someone to the floor from behind when they are: a) Walking away from you b) Not threatening you verbally c) Not threatening you physically is deemed reasonable force? I'm sorry but if you truly are a police officer and deem that reasonable force I would question your ability...
  5. Nebzor

    What clothes are cool?

    I tend to wander around in a t-shirt and some jeans and I am the epitome of cool. Try it.
  6. Nebzor

    Chimps exchanging meat for sex

    Surely this is such a non-story? Pretty much every male in the animal kingdom shares their food with prospective mates.
  7. Nebzor

    Are you a schizophrenic? Non-Quicktime version of the Charlie Chaplin mask illusion.
  8. Nebzor

    Test @ 9.50am Tomorrow

    There's no denying it is expensive but you're going to have to do it sometime ;)
  9. Nebzor

    Test @ 9.50am Tomorrow

    Better luck next time (to both of you)! Just keep up the practice and you'll be there in no time.
  10. Nebzor

    Test @ 9.50am Tomorrow

    Majors are anything that cause/could cause another road user to change speed or direction (e.g. pulling out in front of someone). Minors are anything else that you are supposed to have done but did not come under the criteria for a major (e.g. forgetting to check a mirror).
  11. Nebzor

    what was the very first game you played?

    The first game I ever played was something to do with nursery rhymes on the BBC Micro. My first gaming purchase was Baldur's Gate :cool:
  12. Nebzor

    "Maths are" vs "Math is" - half a sandwich again?

    It should be mathematics is and not mathematics are.
  13. Nebzor

    Common Showers

    I would strongly debate that hating something as commonly hated as child abuse bears no demonstrable link to psychological projection whatsoever.
  14. Nebzor

    Common Showers

    It's probably more of an age thing than a 'nancy' thing. I'd guesstimate from the ages of 8 to 25 most males will try and hide in a corner/behind a towel. It's when you get to about 50 upwards that you become comfortable standing in front of strangers, stark naked, asking them how their...
  15. Nebzor

    Would you SLAP your child..?

    The point is that parents since time immemorial have probably smacked their children when they've been especially naughty. It is simply another tool in the parent's 'arsenal' of discipline, if you like. Great for you if your children don't require it but that doesn't automatically make you any...
  16. Nebzor

    Would you SLAP your child..?

    I interpret that as you saying that parents who smacked their children are somehow worse parents than you? Or that children that have been smacked are somehow especially naughty? What?
  17. Nebzor

    Common Showers

    I don't see how it is any different to parents taking their children (either the same or opposite sex) into single-sex changing rooms? There are still going to be adults 'exposing' themselves in front of children. I really don't think any children pay too much attention to what is going on...
  18. Nebzor

    Would you SLAP your child..?

    I wouldn't slap a child around the face but I would give them a smack on the back of the legs if they had been appropriately naughty. It's the way we've been bringing up children for millennia so why should it suddenly be wrong now?
  19. Nebzor

    Fun and addictive wordgame

    Some of these are not even words :(
  20. Nebzor

    Come and fight me

    What a cheesy game. Some people have huge clubs that hit for 36 when you've only got 100HP!