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  1. snapdragon69

    Anyone know what these bright spots are on my monitor?

    Could be bruises? Did they suddenly appear or what?
  2. snapdragon69

    TV Aerial

    Yes, it needs cutting, pretty standard thing to do. Consider two separate aerials than a splitter that would probably need a down-lead power supply injector and an amplifier.
  3. snapdragon69

    Cadbury's Dairy Milk - Yuk?

    Cadburys went to the dogs when they rebranded it from Cadbury's to Cadbury and this started a year or two before Kraft bought it. They started using palm fat and flavour and greatly reduced the cocoa butter and cocoa solids and milk. I believe it was to improve the bottom line before the sales...
  4. snapdragon69

    Can I fix my UPS?

    In some APC models, the fuses are on/in the battery packs and others on the cables leading to them. They are big blade type fuses. Google image search apc ups fuse
  5. snapdragon69

    Recommissioning a car

    Had an R-reg (1997) Omega Elite 2.5 TDi from around 5 years old to 11 years old. It was one of the best cars I have had and was not unreliable*. The only letdown was the BMW M51 engine which while peachy smooth, economical and fast for the day, was terribly unreliable and fragile*.
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    Car Reg not recognised on websites

    When I bought my car, it had just had the personal reg removed by the personal owner and took a few months before the normal plate was recognised on Eurocarparts etc...
  7. snapdragon69

    Who has/does regas their air con?

    The cans like the one in the picture are not aircon gas e.g. R134a, it is highly flammable LPG. That's why the label will say things like replacement gas or equivalent or bespoke hydrocarbon blend. Really bad idea seeing as they are being put into systems with slow leaks. Imagine a car with a...
  8. snapdragon69

    People selling clocked cars - busted! Update 2.

    I haven't bought a used car for 10+ years but they usually used to have a sticker inside to say that the mileage could not be guaranteed and should be assumed to be incorrect. - or words to that effect.
  9. snapdragon69

    Random thought brought on by the tyre thread... Tyre age, and insurance?

    The Government are already banning tyres over 10 years old on PCVs (buses) and lorries. They have so far only consulted on banning car tyres over 10 years old. Is a 10 year old Michelin better than a new Landsnail tyre?
  10. snapdragon69

    New battery time: Hankook?

    I always buy Yuasa these days - the only ones made in Britain (Welsh Valleys).
  11. snapdragon69

    Changing engine oil - pump it out, or let it drain?

    I use one of those tall 7 litre vacuum pumps with ribbed sides/ It is brilliant. Upon getting a new car and changing the oil, I would suck the oil out and remove the drain plug to see what was left, just a few spoon fulls on most, an egg cup full on another. It helps to look where the dip stick...
  12. snapdragon69

    Endoscope for inspecting engine?

    Mechanics Stethoscope, as Ad already said. About £7 from Amazon et al.
  13. snapdragon69

    Is 3/4' a standard socket size?

    A lot of impact wrenches are 3/4" or 1" square drive, I guess 1/2" would shear off if used with anything over say 30mm socket.
  14. snapdragon69

    Booster seat advice

    I think backless are all but forbidden now - Consider whether a backless booster is actually less safe than just the seatbelt on it's own, due to the additional movement it's loose-fitting allows - the ones with hooks that hook onto the isofix catches are probably OK if you can still get them...
  15. snapdragon69

    Best place for Xenon bulbs - where from?

    I have these bulbs and they are not all that. They have been out 10 years now.
  16. snapdragon69

    Comp test cars before buying? What is an immaculate car?

    The none invasive way to test relative compression would be with a scope. Measure the amperage at the starter (or battery cable while cranking). Even better if it has a crank position sensor you can add to another line (to determine cylinder no.) The waveform should be a good saw wave with all...
  17. snapdragon69

    old car modern coolant?

    The Prestone stuff is just antifreeze with no anticorrosion additives. I believe it is just supposed to be used for top-ups and as it has no additives, there ar eno issues with incompatibility. Pretty much all antifreeze is ethylene glycol. Some is now slightly infgerior propylene glycol as...
  18. snapdragon69

    Motorway speed vibration

    It can also be the way the front brake discs are mounted as these are sandwiched between the hub flange and wheel.. Sometimes the mating surfaces are not clean and dry before fitting. e.g. rust build-up, incorrect use of anti-seize on mating surfaces will make the wheel wobble slightly. It...
  19. snapdragon69

    E10 or 10% Ethanol unleaded fuel is due to be rolled out in 2021 but not all cars can run it

    In the government proposals, which were broadly supported, you will still be able buy E5 or E0 in the form of Super Unleaded anyway, so I don't see an issue. It's a pitty they didn't remove any mention of lead while they're at it. Very outdated name.
  20. snapdragon69

    Porsche air con £200!

    Depends why, usually it's a stone hit the condenser and so classed as road hazard. Most DIY refill kits are just LPG (BBQ gas) not R134a. They will say something on the can like : A special hydrocarbon blend for R134a Systems. They will work and far less LPG is required than real R134a but...