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  1. bonusssi

    RTX 3050 - starting at $249 (msrp)

    Any chance to buy this one on release for MSRP ? Or should I blow some dust from my PS4...
  2. bonusssi


    Omg... just waiting for 3080 or 3080ti now !
  3. bonusssi

    Any news on the GPU rip off price change?

    Prices in Poland dropped from 10k to 6-7k !!! When MSRP should be 3-4k for 3080-3080 TI.
  4. bonusssi

    How much WILL you pay for a graphics card?

    I was spending 50-60£ weekly on 1 month is like 250£ easily...
  5. bonusssi

    How much WILL you pay for a graphics card?

    I am trying to get 3080 ti for 1300£. That's the max I can afford without eating Dominos and McDonalds all month... xD
  6. bonusssi

    Best vertical GPU brackets on the market?

    I know that some of them are branded and made to fit some specific cases - I would like to get an universal one, don't have a great case - it's just enough for me, have it under my desk, not in-the-view.
  7. bonusssi

    Best vertical GPU brackets on the market?

    I have a plan to buy 3080 / 3080 TI soon... and with my AIO 240 from Aorus I don't have space for cards longer than 300 mm... Anyone is using any vertical mount GPU's? Which one do you recommend?
  8. bonusssi

    Unique 3080 ti problem?

    Have you tried the drivers from Palit website ? I had the same with Gainward many years ago... only drivers from their website worked for me, when official Nvidia ones couldn't detect GPU...
  9. bonusssi


    I had bought an 1080 TI Aorus Xtreme GPU in Polish shop (may 2017) for 650 GBP. Since day 1, Display Ports are not working, so I am using HDMI 1 to make it work - display anything. But to the point... on SOME drivers, after update, I have an PERFECT B&W noise and I need to turn on/off the...
  10. bonusssi

    Why GPU prices are NOT likely to drop significantly EVER!

    I am watching 3080 and 3080 TI... starting to think about getting 3090. Saw 3090 for 1600£ FE which is only like 100£ extra really... many of them are still 500£+ above the MSRP.
  11. bonusssi

    RTX 3070 Resizable bar no working

    As long as you have official BIOS release from manufacturer website it's absolutly fine.
  12. bonusssi

    Replacing GPU in PC

    Well... I had monitor connected to integrated gpu and plugged in my GTX 465... I heard the BEEP of new hardware found and got the bluescreen 5 seconds later... ;)
  13. bonusssi

    The best aftermarket 3080 TI is?

    Seen this one, only 3 of them... and 3x8 PIN (Suprim X) , 336 mm long - omg, monster - better than 3090? OMG... I will look for more.
  14. bonusssi

    The best aftermarket 3080 TI is?

    Is there anywhere any benchmark or video about 3080 TI aftermarket / non founders versions? Compared to each other?
  15. bonusssi

    How log till MSRP ?

    We have stock in Poland. All the retailers and resellers shops have raised the prices to 200%+ and no one is buying them...
  16. bonusssi

    New 850W PSU on the way... which GPU should I go for ?

    I am waiting since release of 30x0 series... and next week I will have new 850W PSU. Which card should I buy now (1300£ (400£ 1080TI I own now)). Should I wait another month or go for 3080 or 3080TI if I will manage to grab it off ebay ? I see no chance getting any here soon...
  17. bonusssi

    Anyone just given up on looking for a new GPU?

    I've just ordered a new 850W PSU ... Once it's swapped, I will be ready for 3080 / TI ... maybe the prices will drop.
  18. bonusssi


    Is there any 3070 in stock now ? At normal price without any vouchers ?
  19. bonusssi

    Ti or Tie, Tye, Thai ???

    TI. Like T ... nothing else matters :)
  20. bonusssi

    Crypto miners could soon flood eBay with cheap CPUs, motherboards and SSDs

    What about this new GPU's for mining ? Are they better or worse?