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  1. AtaRo

    Fibre optic to garden office

    How big is the duct? is it big enough to fit a gigabit poe extenter. The extender is powered via poe so no need to run seperate power cable for it.
  2. AtaRo

    Graphics card recommendation £200

    There is a GTX 1650 in the MM with warranty which should be roughly equivalent to your card and is price below your budget.
  3. AtaRo

    RM 1st Class signed for?

    Postman Pot prolly already eat your mail.
  4. AtaRo

    Gucci (belt)

    That would likely get the top revenue earner six feet under.
  5. AtaRo

    eBay Collection Code?

    Don't bother with QR code, tell your buyer cash on collection only and just mark it as dispatch. Also check buyers feedback ( Left for others ), if the buyer left lots of negative that's a sign there.
  6. AtaRo

    Barbados gains independence.

    Looks like china is gonna own Ugandas airport next
  7. AtaRo

    Block access to the internet for one device, but still use home network

    This can be easily be done using asuswrt router that supports merlin firmware, don't know if the asus stock firmware supports the MER option.
  8. AtaRo

    my TPLink AX6000 died, Need replacement, whats hot!

    Nice time to replace the TP link Click Here . It is running 1st closely followed by synology and then netgear, d-link, asus/Edimax, Linksys, FritzBox.
  9. AtaRo

    Replacement mouse switches? (Logitech)

    Bought a replacement top pcb for my G700S due to failing LR buttons. Logitech warranty is really poor now. Tried to rma a G203 mouse which is still a month in warranty but the rep emailed they can't help with the headphone, I presume they don't even read the ticket now.
  10. AtaRo

    Gucci Belts

    GD is pretty quiet now, where is dvdbunny?
  11. AtaRo

    Secret Santa suggestion for the IT guy

    Gamer girl bath water.
  12. AtaRo

    Which network cable.

    No choice for me, I had to use a flat cable to run under a door with just mm clearance. Although it is cheap kenable list it as cat 6.
  13. AtaRo

    Which network cable.

    Using a kenable 10m cheap flat cable here for fttp. Works fine though the cable is soft and can easily be damage if caught under the chair.
  14. AtaRo

    BT Infinity & FTTx Discussion

    Do you got any link for the Giganet offer of £49 for 1000/110, on there site it is £79 they are more expensive than Zen.
  15. AtaRo

    Use Wifi Router to boost Wireless NVR signal?

    Is the antenna removable on the camera/nvr? It might be possible to replace it with a higher gain/better antenna or maybe an antenna extension for the camera.
  16. AtaRo

    Forum Changed? No "Hover over thread" function any more?

    Works fine, Firefox 93 here.
  17. AtaRo

    Royal Mail rant incoming...

    Judge ruled his Ring doorbell camera breached his doctor neighbour's privacy leaving him facing paying possible £100,000 in damages
  18. AtaRo

    Royal Mail rant incoming...

    Hopefully having a crime reference # will put more pressure on royal fail to do more, also if the police decides to do something about it, even just a phone call to royal mail will add more pressure to RM.
  19. AtaRo

    Royal Mail rant incoming...

    Log a complaint with ActionFraud and pass the reference number to royal fail and hope that they will actually ask the person that delivered it.
  20. AtaRo

    *** Youtube/Video thread ***