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  1. Orangeade

    Elon Musk buys twitter for $44 billion as left wing media melts down

    Musk might be a bit of a tosspot....but it's hilarious the same "don't like it build your own platform" people are now crying and throwing the toys out of their pram. It's rampant hypocrisy going all the way to the president. Even amnesty international showing their colours. Free speech is only...
  2. Orangeade

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) discussion

    I have never seen so many posts on LinkedIn of young people suddenly dying. It's constant. All vaccinated. My opinion is purely anecdotal but something is fishy. But I would also bet my last dollar on it never been ascribed even in part to the vaccine. Everyone has too much to lose on that...
  3. Orangeade

    Ukraine Invasion - Please do not post videos showing attacks/similar

    Reading the news and narrative spewed you'd be forgiven for thinking the Ukrainians are anything less than saints. There has been a continual glossing over of any short comings. Most people don't look further than the headlines or snippets.
  4. Orangeade

    Ukraine Invasion - Please do not post videos showing attacks/similar

    He didn't vote for my leader.....must be a Russian troll. He didn't want to vote remain, must be a Russian troll. He doesn't want to just blindly trust the media in lockstep with each other.....must be a Russian troll! I'm not bothered by either side winning, in fact my job just likes the...
  5. Orangeade

    What advice would you give to someone who is about to become an Exec?

    Any update you would like to share? Head still above water?
  6. Orangeade

    Ukraine Invasion - Please do not post videos showing attacks/similar

    It has been done with little oversight and has caused another migrant crisis. We are also not putting caveats on the provisions such as adhering to a conduct. There are a lot of flagrant rights on both sides. Just because the other side are ********* doesn't mean we should tolerate the same...
  7. Orangeade

    Ukraine Invasion - Please do not post videos showing attacks/similar

    Quite amusing seeing people that would be screeching on one side.....cheering on the other side. Propaganda works pretty well on both sides it seems. (Not me they cry!!!) Russians are ******** Ukrainians not much better. And the idea we are not getting our hands dirty. We have helped escalate...
  8. Orangeade

    BMW M3 as a daily vs i4 M50

    Honestly I think if you are humming on it already then you should probably just get the cheaper one. I bought a Tesla S with the performance stuff to compliment my Porsche and honestly it's good enough. Yes it's not as pure, misses the outrageous soundtrack etc....but realistically who actually...
  9. Orangeade

    On The Wagon... then in 'ere!

    Realistically that isn't going to change. Too much on in a day to sleep more. Diet I'm not eating breakfast anymore and I'm either lunching externally or dining externally and won't eat outside of that. Tbh I think freefaller hit the nail on head. Drink (and drugs and prostitution) is...
  10. Orangeade

    On The Wagon... then in 'ere!

    Glad I am not the only one. So many things implied it's a huge difference etc. Oh well.
  11. Orangeade

    On The Wagon... then in 'ere!

    I'm a bit over 1.9 meters (194cm I think?) Sleep is usually around 5 hours a night
  12. Orangeade

    On The Wagon... then in 'ere!

    Edit: saving 25 chf a cocktail is nice though, a proceeds to charity
  13. Orangeade

    On The Wagon... then in 'ere!

    Drink pretty heavily as a very work hard play hard job in exotic finance role etc. Quite normal to drink everyday. I have a pretty huge tolerance which doesn't help and lucky enough to be tall enough that I still look okay at 100kg+. Given up alcohol for a month now. Been disappointing how...
  14. Orangeade

    The Cryptolambo had gone to the moon... Time for Cryptolambo 2!!!

    See there some sanctimonious people on here but also a lot of level headed people. Taking story on surface value it is a massive abuse of police powers and proof that such vague laws can and will be abused. Good on OP for sticking to his guns, these type of police are why everyone hates the...
  15. Orangeade

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) discussion

    NPC.jpg If it makes you want to pontificate and feel better ranting, I never did the jabs, despite travelling 10s thousands of miles. I am utterly ambivalent to those that did because they felt it would help them or themselves, it is their body and their choice.....but have nothing but contempt...
  16. Orangeade

    5800X USB not working?

    Replaced 3700x with 5800x and now USB does not work (well 1-2 do but not the rest). I updated my B550m bios to latest but no luck. Updated chipset drivers as well etc. Anyone have any ideas?
  17. Orangeade

    What's your personal GOAT ? (Game of all time)

    Vampire the masquerade: bloodlines
  18. Orangeade

    Car wraps

    Edut: best say nothing
  19. Orangeade

    Show Us Your Motors!

    Hoping to get my paws on something similar very soon. Porsche just too docile.... :D I'm in Geneva fairly often so can go for a spin somewhere if you'd like. Or hit me up if you come to the better part of this country. ;)