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  1. Fraggr

    What's Your New Year's Resolution!?

    5 interceptions and 5 sacks. 12 new girls. Attend lectures.
  2. Fraggr

    Spec me some new hair straighteners....

    The black GHD IV is the best and it's not too gay
  3. Fraggr

    FAO Americans

    It looks like all the chicken ones I've ever seen. Lamb meat is WAY darker, especially marinated.
  4. Fraggr

    I need help finding a theme song!

    Could anyone help me find an mp3 of the Take Me Out theme song! I have looked everywhere for it, but all I can find is the Indonesian version of it :(
  5. Fraggr

    Mechanics problem

    Hey guys, I'm going through my textbook and have no idea how to do this question: A stone is thrown down the slope as shown. Determine the magnitude and direction (theta) of its initial velocity so that the stone will rise 12m and still have a range of 50m down the slope. ------12m up here...
  6. Fraggr

    Questions from a mechanics exam

    A small aeroplane has a propeller whose tip P describes a radius of 0.7m. At the end of the runway, the pilot idles the endine in preparation for clearance to take off. The engine has an idle speed of 800rpm. (a) What is the engine idle speed of 800rpm in rad/s? [1] (b) What is the velocity of...
  7. Fraggr


    I see your point about specialisation. However you won't know the vast majority of the background information, and for a lot of problems you won't be able to draw up on your own knowledge and will have to do research in a hard science/engineering degree. Fair enough, you won't talk at depth...
  8. Fraggr


    That wasn't aimed at you. It was aimed at this: I have done essays on stuff that I'd learned a couple of days ago and got good grades, actually - my soft science A level subject. Managed to get As on coursework that I read the book for 2 days before, wrote the essay in a few hours back in...
  9. Fraggr


    Solving this was worth 1 mark: A[k^2e^(-kt)sin(pt)-2kpe^(-kt)cos(pt)-p^2e^(-kt)sin(pt)]+2kA[-ke^(-kt)sin(pt)+pe^(-kt)cos(pt)]+(p^2+k^2)Ae^(-kt)sin(pt) = 0 Edit: oh, and none of them are 0 and the answer is not numerical.
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    The "Childbirth? You don't know pain until you've studied engineering" group on facebook is so, so right. :(
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    Lets be honest, that 20 hours independent for 1 hour contact time doesn't happen... How many people do you know that read for 80 hours a week as well as lectures? My course has something like 21 hours of lectures, 2 general 1 hour tutorials, 1 hour long maths tutorial, 1 lab of 2 hours...
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    I often want to cry when I hear about some people's contact time :(
  13. Fraggr


    If you're going to get a degree in underwater basket weaving you're probably not going there for the career prospects... However, if you do a real degree, such as maths, engineering, economics, law, medicine, etc, you will almost certainly pay off your debts, and come out a LOT better overall...
  14. Fraggr

    Facebook Status updates

    Some of my recent ones.. "just got told by x that her bum still hurts from what he did to it earlier" "loves sucking dick" "wanted to shake the old guy's hand, but Parkinson's beat him to it" "knows his stuff, but is he gonna PASS DOE?!" "just lost the game" "would have a snow day, but he is on...
  15. Fraggr

    Quick polar coordinates question

    Exam period. :( gotta pick the good nights to go out during it.
  16. Fraggr

    Why are you in on a Saturday night?

    Er... cause it's only 8:56.
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    Quick polar coordinates question

    I'm stuck on a question about curvilinear motion using polar coordinates. A car P travels along a straight road with a constant speed v = 100km/h (=27.8m/s). At the instant when the angle theta = 60 degrees (=pi/3 radians), determine the value of dr/dt in m/s and d(theta)/dt in deg/s...
  18. Fraggr

    Very simple but annoying question about differentiation

    That's the kinda backwards 6 one in the image. I've seen it crop up several times and I've never really understood what it is :s
  19. Fraggr

    One Question

    Done :) A - 6 B - 1 C - 3 D - 4 E - 5 F - 2
  20. Fraggr

    Very simple but annoying question about differentiation

    There are different greek letters when differentiating. I know the d/dx meaning, Δ/Δx meaning, the letter for partial derivative differentiation meaning (like in this image, but the lower case delta is the one I...