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  1. Mohain

    Won a photo comp!

    Very cool photo. Congrats on the win :)
  2. Mohain

    Holga's and Film

    Just experiment with anything 400 ISO for normal day to day use or higher in low light. Out of date film is usually fine, espcially so with a Holga. Keep it in the Freezer and it will last an age. I'd stick with negative film for the first several rolls as you can get away with murder with...
  3. Mohain

    Whats this Purple Circle?

    Do you have a filter on the lens? If you do take it off for this sort of photography as it will make flare worse.
  4. Mohain

    Pull processing?

    Do you have exposure compensation on your camera? Could set that to +1 stop.
  5. Mohain

    My boy

    It's only becuase you're pixel peeping, these will print fine.
  6. Mohain

    Argh! Bleedin' dog (or kid)!

    The dog looks well guilty. It was him!
  7. Mohain

    Last few weeks worth of images.

    Stunning work V-spec. No. 8 reminds me of my ex wife!
  8. Mohain

    The Sun

    The sun has a shadow on it??
  9. Mohain

    Some City Shots

    No. 5 is great but I agree with Amp, i think it needs a contrast bump :)
  10. Mohain

    Mounting photos

    Further to F11's suggestion of window mounts I think it's worth investing in a cutter, ruler and mat for future use and then you can print out any odd size/shape photo and cut your own custom mounts to fit standard frames:
  11. Mohain

    Would you sell?

    I'd hang on to the prime. It will be good for studio type shots, portraits, still life etc. It's not a huge amount of money after all :)
  12. Mohain

    Bidean nam Bian, Glencoe

    Looks great! Lots of impact. Would look good printed out A3 and framed I recon
  13. Mohain

    Stock Video Footage

    Could also try Flickr under the Creative Commons licence.
  14. Mohain

    Stock Video Footage

  15. Mohain

    best bit of post production ever?

    I've always thought that the Chemical Bros - Star Guitar video was a work of genius. Lots of CGI obviously but still ...
  16. Mohain

    HTC touch diamond

    k.jacko, do you have the latest ROM? I don't suffer any delay when pressing the top button of the phone to reactivate the screen, a fraction of a second at the most. The end call button takes approx one second to end the call. The phone function is much better than my previous phone (a Razor...
  17. Mohain

    HTC touch diamond

    I got an HTC Touch Diamond shipped with the latest official BIOS. I must say I'm very impressed, it's a fantastic gadget! First smart phone for me. I'm OK with the shortish battery life (every other day now) for the sake of a small handsets. Very pleased :)
  18. Mohain

    The Self Portrait Thread

    That's really nicely done Holliday :)
  19. Mohain

    Am I too old for games

    I'm 40 next July and have just recieved my pre-ordered copy of Spore (PEGI 12+) in the post. I delight in telling my co-workers about my evenings as a goblin killing the Wargs of Zog in the Caves of Drak ;)
  20. Mohain


    Cool. Order placed for a few bits :) More to follow!