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  1. The_TailGunner

    HIS HD7950 fan rattle

    excellent suggestions. thanks lads!
  2. The_TailGunner

    HIS HD7950 fan rattle

    'lo all. I have a HIS HD 7950 IceQ BOOST which has developed a rattly fan. If you are unfamiliar with it, it has one of those radial impeller type fans. any ideas on how to fix this rattle, or replace the fan cheaply? I'm flat broke, so my options are rather limited when it comes to buying...
  3. The_TailGunner

    What would happen if i try to power this with a 350w PSU?

    im using a q6600, 4gb ddr2 and a gtx460 (overclocked no less) on a 2007 dell 350w psu :eek: i really ought to replace it after 5 years of abuse.
  4. The_TailGunner

    The Witcher 2 - Thread

    ran smooth as butter once i had the beta drivers installed. i didnt bother measuring the fps, but didnt notice any issues.
  5. The_TailGunner

    What about older Canon cameras?

    the 1000d sits between the 400d and 450d. it shares some features with each. having owned a 1000d, its a very capable body and though it feels a little plasticy, is well put together and fairly robust. if you can get one second hand, i'd definitely recommend it. TG
  6. The_TailGunner

    The Witcher 2 - Thread

    just finished this. awesome game! managed to run it at max everything including ubersampling using nvidia's latest beta drivers on my gtx460/q6600 rig @ 1680x1050 (my panel's native res)
  7. The_TailGunner

    a few from the zoo

    hehe, yeah, i couldn't resist shooting some actual wildlife, especially something as cute as a squirrel.
  8. The_TailGunner

    a few from the zoo

    dublin zoo :)
  9. The_TailGunner

    a few from the zoo

    canon 50d with either the 17-85 is usm or sigma 70-300 apo for these. i spent quite a while with the tigers cos i have a soft spot for them too :)
  10. The_TailGunner

    a few from the zoo

    1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  11. The_TailGunner

    Can anyone interpret this messy handwriting?

    price is £69.00 gah, too slow!
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    The "Post your pictures here" thread.

    a few from my sister's wedding: 1 2 3
  13. The_TailGunner

    Humour me, I'm new...

    ive put a 1000d through xray machines several times with no ill effect
  14. The_TailGunner

    Camera for Product Photography

    you wont get the 'pre adjusted' image through the viewfinder on any dslr, as you are getting the image straight through the lens bounced off a mirror to the viewfinder. the live view on my 50d definitely shows how the image looks with white balance adjustments (i just tested it). live view is...
  15. The_TailGunner

    best / longest lens for small budget

    i have one of these. optically its not at all bad. ive gotten some lovely images with it. the af is a little slow though, and theres no IS. its also rather loud when focussing.
  16. The_TailGunner

    Tabletop Warhammer?

    love the new dreadknight model. took ages to build. will take about a week to paint properly. so very detailed! plastics have really come a long way...
  17. The_TailGunner

    fixing a loose hotshoe: guide

    lo all i found a guide to fixing a loose hotshoe that i thought i'd share: all in all it took me about 5 mins! TG
  18. The_TailGunner

    Spec me a mono laser printer

    we use hp 4000, 4100, 4200 at work, and they are real workhorses. the 4000s are still going strong and they are ancient! the 4200/4250 seem to go through a lot of service kits (rollers/fusers etc) comparatively, but they are in bank branches and do a LOT of work.
  19. The_TailGunner

    Just got a 5DMk2

    pfft. i have a teenage mutant hero turtles camera from the early 90s that takes 110 film. it has a flash and everything.