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  1. soulhunter123

    Recommended brand for (integrated) washing machines?

    My 10-year-old integrated washing machine needs to be replaced and I'm looking for recommendations of which brand of machine to get as its replacement. A while ago brands like Siemens had the best reputations. Is that still the case? The more affordable brands I see these days are Candy, De...
  2. soulhunter123

    Chilli appreciationchilli

    I have a couple of plants; one with birds' eye and one with basic capsicum. However I find they don't grow as quickly as I'd like and they don't get very large. Probably the UK climate.
  3. soulhunter123

    Database best practice (+ PHP)

    It's hardly complicated; one extra table? Plus, start as you mean to go on. No excuse for bad habits. Yes, however you'd then need a permissions table to differentiate what each role can actually do.
  4. soulhunter123

    Is the stock AMD Ryzen cooler acceptable for casual gaming use?

    Actually it looks like there's a Spire with RGB lighting: The "basic" Spire definitely doesn't have RGB though, at least according to the pictures I'm seeing of the one boxed with the lower-end CPUs.
  5. soulhunter123

    Anyone stocking up on canned food etc.. Brexit?

    I was being tongue-in-cheek. Although with Boris as PM maybe I should have been tongue-in-freezer.
  6. soulhunter123

    Razer BlackWidow Replacement?

    You could buy a little "key tester" for a few quid which has numerous brands/colours of switches on it so you can get a feel for them.
  7. soulhunter123

    Is a headphone jack essential to you or just something you like complaining about?

    Not unless you're a complete **** who blasts their cheap 90s hardstyle techno at 150% max volume on the bus every day... not that I know anyone who does that, of course.
  8. soulhunter123

    Couples Gaming

    Co-op games are great for this. Check out Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime; Battleblock Theatre; Blazerush; Rayman etc. All great and (at the risk of stereotyping) lady-friendly games.
  9. soulhunter123

    Witcher 3 or Skyrim.....

    You haven't played Skyrim in ages, so go with that. Plus the graphics are (arguably) poorer than W3 so you might be left disappointed with Skyrim if you played W3 first.
  10. soulhunter123

    AMD Zen 2 (Ryzen 3000) - *** NO COMPETITOR HINTING ***

    Could it be a chipset issue rather than the mobo?
  11. soulhunter123

    Quiet (silent?!) air CPU cooler for Ryzen

    Check out Frostytech. They have charts including one for silent coolers. Their testing is incredibly in-depth.
  12. soulhunter123

    Is the stock AMD Ryzen cooler acceptable for casual gaming use?

    The Stealth and Spire are the non-RGB ones, right? Kinda annoying how you have to trump up for the better CPUs to get an RGB cooler.
  13. soulhunter123

    What watch do you wear?

    I've tried those before but could never get used to the angle. Plus they're not mechanical :D Have you seen the abominations that are vertical keyboards?
  14. soulhunter123

    Mortgage Length - 2, 5 or 10 years?

    That's how they trap you, though. If you suddenly discover you can afford to pay more, you can't, or if you do they bleed you of the extra interest they're missing out on anyway. It's a bit of a con, in my opinion. Personal circumstances, of course, but I'd stick with a "free overpayment" mortgage.
  15. soulhunter123

    Nvidia DLSS 5 months on-a win or fail?

    Definitely a fail for me.
  16. soulhunter123

    AMD on the road to recovery.

    Why did you block out the prices? Just wondering.
  17. soulhunter123

    Is it worth updating MoBo Bios for no real reason?

    Yeah don't do it. Flashing ROMs is safer than it used to be but all it takes is one power cut and you might be screwed. I speak from experience (albeit decades ago).
  18. soulhunter123

    What watch do you wear?

    I still find it scrapes on the desk by the keyboard. Maybe I have fat wrists.
  19. soulhunter123

    Mortgage Length - 2, 5 or 10 years?

    The 10% overpayment limit is a bit worrying. If you suddenly come into cash or the economy improves (ha!) then you might want to make more than 10% overpayments. That's what would really help cut the overall cost of the mortgage.
  20. soulhunter123

    Anyone stocking up on canned food etc.. Brexit?

    What if the electricity cuts out? Then you've got a freezer full of festering goo.