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  1. SpeedFreak

    What watch do you wear?

    That's pretty good. I got an Aqua Terra for 4300 in December which was about as good as it gets.
  2. SpeedFreak

    Do you save money every month?

    How can you get a rebate when you're basically not paying it!?
  3. SpeedFreak

    Do you save money every month?

    Such as not paying the ever increasing council tax bill :)
  4. SpeedFreak

    Do you save money every month?

    I invest about 40% of my gross income between pensions and stocks. Do you count capital repayments on mortgages as well?
  5. SpeedFreak

    Weird Things Your Neighbours Do

    A couple. One neighbour has a mobile home parked in a visitors bay permanently and it overhangs the curbs with a bike rack so is an accident waiting to happen for unfortunate shins. It also looms over another neighbours garden so is inconsiderate. My neighbour who I get on with build a garden...
  6. SpeedFreak

    Needle spiking again...

    Needle spiking seems unlikely. Every time I have had an injection I felt it immediately and even if invisible to others could feel pain/bruising in the location the next day. I'm not saying it shouldn't be illegal, but it's the spiking of alcohol that is the real risk to people, needle spiking...
  7. SpeedFreak

    No Time To Die (now contains spoilers!)

    So many issues with this movie. Mainly I will go with convoluted plot, lack of clear motive for the bad guy (who doesn't age in 30 years...), zero chemistry with the love interest and Bond giving up at the end. The fact they actually killed him is completely against the spirit of Bond and I'm...
  8. SpeedFreak

    Inheritance Tax

    Ah, missed that.
  9. SpeedFreak

    What watch do you wear?

    It's a really nice watch, I do prefer the Panerai if I am being honest :D
  10. SpeedFreak

    Inheritance Tax

    Seem like this all falls within the IHT allowances. In which case the best thing to do is name you as sole beneficiary in her will. Adding your wife to any document is an unnecessary complication and gifting the house to you before she passes seems a risk, especially if she needs to live in it.
  11. SpeedFreak

    Neff dishwasher e:24 error

    If you have a hosepipe I would feed it into the drainage hose and do a reverse flush to see if it can dislodge debris that may have gotten stuck.
  12. SpeedFreak

    The bodily changes of getting older

    I am still pretty active and play football several times a week. It is depressing having been an 11.0s 100m and sub 7s 60m runner to no longer breeze past 95% of players. And I need a complete zero exercise rest day after every game nowadays . Also back issues are frustrating!
  13. SpeedFreak

    first movie you watched at the cinema

    The first I remember was Back to the Future Part 2. Much disappointment at the end when it unexpectedly said I needed to wait 6 months for Part 3!
  14. SpeedFreak

    This is getting ridiculous (energy prices)

    Correct, I had a friend who needed a massive clean of their flue because they were continuously using unseasoned softwood, which was presumably damp and full of God knows what.
  15. SpeedFreak

    This is getting ridiculous (energy prices)

    Probably 6-8 years are current energy prices if you're in the Midlands or lower, not decades.
  16. SpeedFreak

    The OcUK Relationship Counselling and Hugs Thread

    I think that's a mixture of resource issues and societal expectations. I must admit, I actually feel sorry for my friends who don't have kids (by choice). Yes they have more holidays and a bit more free time, but I always think that at some point in their life there will be regret. I don't...
  17. SpeedFreak

    What film did you watch last night?

    Cinderella 2021. FML, the chores of being a parent. Horrendous.
  18. SpeedFreak

    What watch do you wear?

    Do you have another watch? I think the GS is beautiful and prefer this version as it moves the power meter to the back. But if it is a daily driver I think the lack of lume on the GS would be a bit frustrating from a practicality perspective which would push me towards the Omega.
  19. SpeedFreak

    This is getting ridiculous (energy prices)

    My water bill DD was increased from 29 to 70 due to a shortfall. My actual usage was £35 per month for 6 months so god knows why they do this....
  20. SpeedFreak

    This is getting ridiculous (energy prices)

    Exactly. Look at the state of the waste in public services, what you think you'd save in moving things to state owned would pale in comparison to the lost efficiency!