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  1. Funky-Melon

    Weird Things Your Neighbours Do

    The son of the family in the house opposite mine is completely obsessed with his Audi A6. He cleans it and wipes it down every time he uses it and gives it the full works every weekend, taking most of his weekend. I often see him walking around it after he's got home from work, with his mitt in...
  2. Funky-Melon

    **** The Official Chinese Phones Thread ****

    I'm seriously tempted to buy another, my girlfriends got an aging Galaxy S8 which this would replace nicely.
  3. Funky-Melon

    **** The Official Chinese Phones Thread ****

    Wow, that's a great price. Paid £320 for mine last year and thought it was great value at that price!
  4. Funky-Melon

    **** The Official Chinese Phones Thread ****

    It's because it uses a cheap ultrasound sensor for proximity which doesn't work as well as the more expensive methods. I'd just buy a Poco F3 on Amazon and return it if you find it's a problem for you, it's a cracking device. Fastest phone I've had (coming from most flagship Samsungs) and the...
  5. Funky-Melon

    **** The Official Chinese Phones Thread ****

    I've not really had a problems on my Poco F3. Occasionally when on a call it'll turn the screen on/off if but most of the time there's no issue. The trick I've found is to tilt the phone away from your cheek a bit so the top of the phone faces you a bit more, no problems then. Making phone...
  6. Funky-Melon

    Pets and PCs

    Fairly old pic of my cat back when he was a kitten and another of the newest cat enjoying the warmth during a gaming session :D
  7. Funky-Melon

    Winter 2021/22 - Will we see lots of snow?

    Bunch of roof tiles gone on houses down my road, 2 of mine have slipped. Also had 3 fence panels leaning, so I tied them up to a small gate brick wall in the garden and the winds gone and knocked the panels over, taking the wall with it :( SO31 (Netley Abbey)
  8. Funky-Melon

    How long is your commute/Drive to work

    About 15 feet. Still full time working from home after 2 and a bit years. Pre-plague, ~15 minutes on the M27 :)
  9. Funky-Melon

    Aftermarket or genuine service parts?

    In my experience, 100% stick with Volvo plugs, especially on turbo charged petrol engines. Bosch make Volvo plugs yet my old S40 T4 didn't get on with them. Stuck some new Volvo ones in and they were spot on. It's commonly known on the forums that plugs and batteries are worth sticking to Volvo.
  10. Funky-Melon

    What have you done to your car today?

    Had the following done at Volvo to the T5 - Serviced - Boost sensor on the turbo inlet replaced - TMAP sensor on the intercooler replaced - New coolant - New brake fluid - Few bulbs - New steering rack - New tie rod ends Wallets a bit lighter :(
  11. Funky-Melon

    Our First Ever Build

    Be careful of ESD, touch the metal part of your PC case before handling components or better yet (though slightly overkill) invest in an ESD mat to work on. If something isn't right after you've built it and you take it apart again, make sure you turn your PSU off (switch at the back of the...
  12. Funky-Melon

    Images of items I have purchased (except trainers)

    Quite possibly, though I wouldn't expect this to be in such good condition if it's been man handled by lots of students :D
  13. Funky-Melon

    Images of items I have purchased (except trainers)

    Surface Go 2 I've been looking at these for a while on eBay as a small cheap machine to get me away from my desktop but with what I was happy to spend, I'd had given up, thinking I'd only get a Surface Go 1 with the naff Pentium Gold chip in. I don't think the seller knew what they were...
  14. Funky-Melon

    Who was your teenage crush?

    Avril Lavigne and Buffy the Vampire slayer :D
  15. Funky-Melon

    What's your personal GOAT ? (Game of all time)

    Hmm, top 3 are... UT99 Ori and the blind forest + the sequel, will of the wisps Far Cry 3 I think it's going to have to be UT99 as the number 1, so many hours spent playing that, what a game! It's shame a shame Fortnite became such a success and stopped development of the new Unreal :(
  16. Funky-Melon

    Leak between shower seal and hinge

    You can reduce the length of the bottom part so that it doesn't bend so much against the top of the bath using a pair of scissors. I have the same problem after recently doing my bathroom. It's a PITA the get spot on.
  17. Funky-Melon

    Fuji X Series

    I'd always read lots of mixed reviews on the Fuji XC50-230mm so had always put it off, till I put a cheeky offer in on one for £140 and she accepted. Received it today, immaculate condition, looks new and to my surprise very sharp throughout the range on my X-T4, I must have got a good sample...
  18. Funky-Melon

    *** The Official Battlefield 2042 thread***

    Oh wow, what a **** show. I get a healthy 34-41fps maxed out :D I know my GTX 1070 FTW is getting on a bit but the graphics are pretty much on par with BFV and that'll get ~80fps in most cases. I got it on CD-Keys so annoyingly can't refund, ho hum!
  19. Funky-Melon

    Fuji X Series

    Loads of deals about on Sony, Canon and Nikon lenses on Amazon coming up to Black Friday - Absolutely nothing for Fuji so far. Are Fuji just a bit stingy with deals? I've not seen them discounted anywhere since I got my X-T4.