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  1. Vegeta


    When will OCUK be dropping some or taking preorders anybody know? A friend is after a 5900x for a build got the rest... A 3D printed type drop for forum members for CPU's would be good.
  2. Vegeta

    AMD RYZEN 5000 SERIES 5950X, 5900X, 5800X & 5600X NOW ONLINE AT OcUK!!

    Hopefully able to do something like they did for the GPU's and get forums members to order them.
  3. Vegeta

    6800XT or RTX 3080

    I’ve had no issues moving to AMD it will more than likely be a dodgy card or something else incompatible. I had a 3070 for a bit and having issue with it no realising I was trying to run the card at pciex4 on a pciex3 riser card and was convinced for a bit the card was broke.
  4. Vegeta

    Pcie-4 riser card - do they exist?

    I have just ordered one not cheap £70 but cheapest I could find so hope it works fine seems to make a big difference pcie3 to pcie4 cs:go according to linus which I play the most.
  5. Vegeta

    Struggling to enjoy gaming?

    Well guessing from the replies I dont seem to be alone... Like everything it has changed to cater for different crowds the mentality of kids has probably changed these days. I employ a few kids in their late teens and early 20's and they havent even watched any good movies and I bet you guys...
  6. Vegeta

    Time Spy Standard DX 12 Bench.

    Score: 17263 Graphics: 18089 CPU: 13715 5900X - stock Sapphire Nitro+ OC 6800XT - stock Driver: 21.1.1
  7. Vegeta

    Unigine Heaven 4 benchmark

    Sapphire 6800xt OC - stock 5900x - stock Corsair RGB Vengeance Pro 3600 - xmp
  8. Vegeta

    Struggling to enjoy gaming?

    I dont find the mechanics of most games poor just feels like a button mash some games I like to learn the technique of the game hence why I enjoy CS:GO soo much. You should feel something everytime you do an action rather just shoot a bullet and just feeling basic. This is where I find the...
  9. Vegeta

    Pcie-4 riser card - do they exist?

    Thank you having spent over £3,000 already on this pc I guess the little extra won't harm me :rolleyes:
  10. Vegeta

    Struggling to enjoy gaming?

    I guess the older you get the experiences aren't new. I find online games still fine as the point behind it when playing against other people is knowing that you killed an actual person rather than a piece of software but that was never the issue with older games. GTA5 is becoming more alive...
  11. Vegeta

    Struggling to enjoy gaming?

    Hi guys, So i'm 35 and have gamed most of my life until the last 5-6 years due to just life taking over. I was the generation that played Goldeneye 64 Mario 64 enjoyed games on Snes like Mario until the online games took over and played at a very high level at an old FPS shooter Kingpin then...
  12. Vegeta

    The Radeon RX 6800 (XT) Owners Thread.

    Think I've only seen my GPU in low the 60's but im using a Thermaltake P3 and tbf im not stressing the gpu in most cases with my 1080p monitor at 240hz as cpu limited only when using it on my 4k tv. And to that point whats the best watch to switch between PC monitor and my 4K tv? I use my pc...
  13. Vegeta

    One of those fancy routers that have 2-3 connected?

    I have 63mbps internet and getting that full speed at all locations - I doubt I could get max speed say if I had a fast virgin connection but having checked out reviews online if not spread out too much and use enough seperate mesh points I think they can provide roughly 200mb/s.
  14. Vegeta

    The Radeon RX 6800 (XT) Owners Thread.

    I ordered the 5900x on the day it was launched and ended up about 350 in line got it early December. I ordered the 6800xt when it originally went in the 3D printer section got it quite swift.
  15. Vegeta

    One of those fancy routers that have 2-3 connected?

    Just thought id give an update. Bought a TP-Link mesh system 3 mesh devices easy to setup for under £100 for easy of use and getting full speed id highly recommend this.
  16. Vegeta

    The Radeon RX 6800 (XT) Owners Thread.

    Sorry for upside down picture - so happy to have my build complete with the components I wanted both 5900x and 6800xt provided by ocuk wouldnt have been able to source them otherwise.
  17. Vegeta

    New Sapphire Pulse 6800 Faulty?

    Don’t worry about that the cooler is very good at cooling the gpu mine goes on and off in games like cs:go as it barely utilises the gpu and it’s not auditable compared to my other fans when running high intense gpu games. Fans off when in desktop mode
  18. Vegeta

    Pcie-4 riser card - do they exist?

    Hi have a new built 5900x 6800xt I chose the Thermaltake p3 as a case wall mounted. My system has been unstable I identified it’s down to the riser card being pcie-3 not 4. I have changed the slot to pcie-3 but I would like to use the full speed even if the difference is negligible. Googling I...
  19. Vegeta

    Sapphire RX6800XT Nitro+

    I just received this card. It came with 2 sapphire branded stickers outside edge of box so I opened there. Inside like yourself no PCI-E protective cover only cover for hdmi/DisplayPort 3 bits of paper a quick installation guide the bios one and a small piece of paper with the sapphire...
  20. Vegeta

    3D printed GPU

    Bought a sapphire 6800xt overpriced but only opportunity I’ve had to purchase one and I’m not going to wait for the sake of £100-£150 I’ll spend that on takeaway in a couple of weeks build is now complete I can happily delete discord and stop following every single email trying to login ASAP to...