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  1. Steeps

    Today's UK Government Farce - Passports

    Just had my fast track appointment today, in and out before my actual appointment time. I had to wait a week for my appointment as I was offered a next day one but couldn't get the form and photos countersigned by then. Hoping the rest goes smoothly and it turns up within the week :)
  2. Steeps

    Star Trek : Strange New Worlds

    Reminded me more if The Orville went back a generation, this is what it would be. Characters and roles are very similar between the main characters so far.
  3. Steeps

    Today's UK Government Farce - Passports

    Keep refreshing the site. I picked up my form today from the post office and booked an appointment on the 3rd attempt tonight. I could have had tomorrow for my appointment but I don't have time to get it all filled in before then so opted for an appointment next week. I've got 5 weeks until I'm...
  4. Steeps


    Again, depends on the allocation and production run. I wouldn't expect a discount on a brand new launch, but towards the end of the run at the end of the day Toyota are a sell by numbers company and they'll want to have as many cars out there as possible before the hard deadline to continue to...
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    Not at the moment no, but my order form for my car when I bought it new had £2,800 of dealer discount applied from list in 2013 so the car had been out for only a year with that applied. The 30k price tag is a very fair price after 10 years considering the same "specification" including the tax...
  6. Steeps


    I've decided to wait until the hype has died down and see if I can get one at the end of the run (hopefully at a discount), I've got a lot of toys to add to my current one and it's only done 50k miles so it seems a waste to be trading in.
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    XenForo update coming [very] soon (Wednesday 27th April)!

    The forums actually updated last week and no one noticed.
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    I'm feeling torn with this. I've got a crate of 2nd hand parts I've been sitting on for 10-15 months to transform my car in to a new creature when I get off the fence and do it, I didn't want to buy another new car but this one does feel like and upgrade and some of the toys might fit on it...
  9. Steeps

    Who doesn't own a property?

    I spent 8 years chasing to get on the ladder as prices were going up more than my wage multiplier and available deposit, at one point I was ready to buy just as I was given redundancy notice so I moved back in with my parents to reduce the risk and basically had to start from scratch again...
  10. Steeps

    *** Sky TV Cancellation & Negotiation Thread ***

    Sky as frustrating as usual. Cancelled on £33/mo as I was only offered £44/mo for the same deal. £35 is the most I've ever paid and any more we're better off adding the channels to VM and using them for multiroom. Agent called back at the start of the month and straight off offered the same...
  11. Steeps

    Déjà vu

    How did you get through to talk to a GP on the same day?
  12. Steeps

    Star Trek: Discovery

    Of course not. It'll be revealed in the last 20 minutes where they'll have a long speech, a hug, then sent back on their merry way where a new universe shattering anomaly will be presented to give a cliff-hanger for the next series.
  13. Steeps

    F1 2022 Car Launches

    Flipped the image to make it more clear. Left was the physical car, right was the render. Quite a difference in the position of the sidepods between the two cars shown hours apart.
  14. Steeps

    F1 2022 Car Launches

    Can see how the DRS flap is going to work on the 2022 car from those leaked photos. It's a shame it's the same paint job though :(
  15. Steeps

    *** Sky TV Cancellation & Negotiation Thread ***

    Sitting in the cancel list waiting to see what winback offer is presented. No pressure on having any of it as I really only needed it for skygo. Had the following: Signature, movies, sports, HD sports, sky+, sky go extra: £33/mo Got offered same deal but swap out the + box for a basic Q box...
  16. Steeps

    Recommend me a log cabin supplier

    We had an absolute nightmare with Dunster. No support at all and a lot of work went in to constructing a compromise from the parts supplied as they wouldn't assist.
  17. Steeps

    Credit card question

    My statement is on the middle of each month, with the full amount taken out just over 3 weeks later. Makes it easier to keep an eye on the spending and it means any larger purchases I've not budgeted for can be bought in the later weeks and be paid for using the pay from the month after. I've...
  18. Steeps

    Doctor Who

    Every time they do that it regenerates into something worse :(
  19. Steeps

    Tax Fairness Question

    If A was suddenly made redundant and no longer paying tax would it be fair on A for B and C to increase their share for their (B, C) tax burden they now have over A, or would A be arguing they needed the same to support their family and their (A) situation is not their (A) fault? Same with B...
  20. Steeps

    F1 2022 Car Launches

    Also with the budget cap I can't imagine they'll be manufacturing too many "fake" parts, I think they'll show the car they're intending to test at Barcelona but they'll keep some of the floor details either hidden or not to spec as that'll be where the benefits will be this year.