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  1. leon4112

    RTX3080Ti options...

    I bought a Gigabyte 3080Ti OC for just over £1500 before xmas and hate to say it im really happy with it it was up for £1900 but had it price matched with another on the internet with one in stock and got refunded the differnce and sold me 2070 super to a friend to offset the cost a little.
  2. leon4112

    *** The Official Battlefield 2042 thread***

    Very strange I’m getting a fair bit more than that mine 2070 super is oc 125 on core and 800 memory and my 5800 @ 4.8.
  3. leon4112

    *** The Official Battlefield 2042 thread***

    FOV I’m using is 90 on mine
  4. leon4112

    *** The Official Battlefield 2042 thread***

    Suppose this is benefit of DLSS I have a 2070 super and DLSS set to balance and I’m getting 75-95 on 3440 on high on 2 conquest maps I played this morning!
  5. leon4112

    *** The Official Battlefield 2042 thread***

    I got a invite and i wasn't registered to be a play tester but i have been asked before for bf4 etc in the past and have 600 hours back in those games bf3/4. Stupid playtesting times when everyone is at work.
  6. leon4112

    When are you going fully electric?

    No massively my commute to work is 20 miles a day and we have a 7kw charger at home so it should work out and there is a few 50kw chargers near me in Cornwall so i should be ok im hoping!
  7. leon4112

    When are you going fully electric?

    Just had a strange week I've had my new Mercedes CLA 250e on order since Dec due mid march through work and got a phone call to say its been delayed by 5 months........... as i was quite annoyed as my current car is due back now but they did offer me a Mercedes EQC AMG Line in Cavansite Blue as...
  8. leon4112

    5800x Temp

    With my 5800x (PBO) with a Zelman CNPs20x (65% fan speed) I see: 30c Idle 60c in games 80c cinabench So i think its just the cpu im happy with my temps in windows and games as its still alot less than my old H100 and a 5930K
  9. leon4112

    5820k where's it stand today?

    I've got a 5930k @ 4.2 at the moment and have a new 5800x coming today and im already having buyers remorse do i actually need it! Before it even comes im tempted to send it all back! i can use my 32gb DDR4 from my x99 setup which is fine but its still 600 quid im not sure i need to spend!
  10. leon4112

    Cyberpunk 2077 Ultra performance

    Surprised you didn't notice even windows feels so bad at 60 i can def tell the difference :D
  11. leon4112

    Mercedes Benz and AMG Owners

    I would defently go for yellow i test drove a cla 35 in yellow and with the aero pack is stunning! in the end i got a CLA 250E as hybrids with BIK is so much less and they don't let you have yellow so got boring black :D
  12. leon4112

    Cyberpunk 2077 Ultra performance

    I have the same monitor and don't seem to have any issues? Vsync on in NCP and off in game?
  13. leon4112

    Upgrading a GTX 980 Ti ?

    I went from a 980ti to a 2070 super last year as i run 3440x1440 100hz as it was starting to running crap, and i got atleast double the fps in all my games massively been happy with mine and would have jumped to a 3080 if i could get ahold of one!
  14. leon4112

    *** Cyberpunk 2077 ***

    I Love this gun so much :p its even better that its the only gun in the game that levels up with you, Ill be using it through the whole game tbh.
  15. leon4112

    *** Cyberpunk 2077 ***

    I have a 2070 super with a [email protected] and 32gb ram and playing at 3440x1440 and im on high with DLSS in quality and getting normally between 70-100 depending on what im doing the 2070 is running 99% boosting to 2040 ish all the time my cpu cores are around 70% on all so im not sure there is such...
  16. leon4112

    30xx Series Founders Edition

    Im still waiting for the card to come back into stock im in no rush its at the right price point and in my view the best 3080 regarding design and cooling i love my FE 2070s and rather another FE over a AIB card.
  17. leon4112


    Definitely happy to wait to get FE card now after all these issues with the 3rd party cards and the reviews showing them a little bit slower! prob a good job Nvidia don't let you pre order and only have them in stock we you can accually order them and get it next day!
  18. leon4112

    PS5 pricing vs Nvidia 3000 series

    im just gonna buy both a 3080 and a xbox series X but i get that for free as i bought a xbox one x during last dec when they had the free upgrade deal to a series x thing on.
  19. leon4112

    NVIDIA ‘Ampere’ 8nm Graphics Cards

    Yeah i love my FE 2070s so quiet and oc really well really rather wait for the 3080 FE to come into stock than a plastic 3rd party one! Even this looks tacky compared to the FE...
  20. leon4112


    Im just going to wait to get one from Nvidia tbh for the money the FE card is all i need and in no rush to have it on day one! my 2070s FE is so much better than the 2080 3rd party one i had for a time!