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  1. furnace

    2400Mhz mATX Motherboard

    Ah okay. It's weird that the manufacturers don't just rate their mobos at higher speeds if they work fine at them - feels like a bit of a ploy on their part to not quite guarantee that higher speeds will work but still be able to advertise them! Do you think there would be any problems if I...
  2. furnace

    2400Mhz mATX Motherboard

    I've been looking at this RAM: I don't plan to overclock anything so that speed RAM would be nice (that speed would make up for the CL timings, right?). I'm after an mATX motherboard. I'll have a...
  3. furnace

    Motorola release first new phones since Google takeover

    Warning: before I knew it, this turned in to an off-the-cuff mini review! I went ahead and bought a Razr i. Day 3 today and I'm really pleased with it. The build is really nice - the metal frame makes it feel substantial, even though it perhaps feels a little too light. The phone looks really...
  4. furnace

    Motorola release first new phones since Google takeover

    Yeah - I waited yesterday for the S3 mini announcement and wasn't so impressed. I played with an S3 today too. Whilst something inside me knows I /should/ get it... I just don't like it much. Same story for the Xperia S. So I went ahead with the Razr i. I'm sure it'll be better than my HTC...
  5. furnace

    Motorola release first new phones since Google takeover

    Good shout kona786 - I didn't realise the GS3 could be had for under £400. I feel like I'm cheating myself out of a really great phone getting the Razr i when that's available for £50 more. I just wish I liked the S3 itself, not just it's specs. Better put my thinking hat on. I haven't seen...
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    Motorola release first new phones since Google takeover

    I'm pondering buying a Razr i today. It isn't comparable to the GS3 spec-wise, but then it isn't price-wise either. At <£350 I think the only thing that comes close to it is the Xperia S. Does that sound like a fair comment? I also like the non-plasticy build, and the fact that the UI doesn't...
  7. furnace

    Wooden kitchen worktops; anyone ordered from Worktop-Express before?

    Has anyone ordered (or know someone who's ordered) a kitchen worktop from before? I've got a really good quote from them (inc. installation) but it sounds like they push you to write a positive review after you purchase, so the positive reviews feel pretty contrived...
  8. furnace

    What would you do? Can't decide on a well-balanced laptop for <£900. Might just go for a £1200 lapto

    Currently I've got a Dell Studio 17 with an ATI 3650. I use it for programming, a bit of graphics stuff and gaming. I want to upgrade - my laptop annoys me for a few reasons: Poor graphics Battery sticks out the bottom. Hurts my lap. (Seriously! This makes me basically not want to use the...
  9. furnace

    IPS Monitor - Which for under 300?

    Will the black levels on the HP still beat a TN panels? How do you think this monitor compares to a dell u2311h? I suppose I wouldn't want to get something inferior just for the sake of 16:10.
  10. furnace

    IPS Monitor - Which for under 300?

    I'm looking to buy an IPS monitor. I've not used one before, although I use a mac at work which may have one - the colors on it look great. The gotcha is that I'm really after one with a 16:10 aspect ratio. As a programmer the vertical height is more important to me, although I do game in my...
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    Help With mysql_real_escape_string

    If your host doesn't allow you to disable magic quotes, leave them and go somewhere where they know what they're doing. You've got to be a pretty prehistoric creature to think they're a good idea
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    I want to try Linux, any advice

    Ubuntu! Popular thus lots of support specific to the distro, and probably more people willing to help newbies than any other distro - in my experience anyway
  13. furnace

    ASP :(

    learn PHP at the same time
  14. furnace

    If i own the game..

    **** legalities - it's ridiculous if it's not legal. If you've bought a game, just get on with it and crack it if CDs are annoying you. A few of my games have a CD-R in the box with a crack on.
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    A Image of my website isn't being displayed

    Works fine here in FF3 and IE7 :confused: I can see the tree banner
  16. furnace

    Games in Window Mode?

    Transport Tycoon (OpenTTD) and Sim City come to mind
  17. furnace

    Rumour: 3D Realms Shuts Down

    Yeah I saw that - it's just more speculation, no real basis for what they're saying ... just getting peoples hopes up :(
  18. furnace

    Rumour: 3D Realms Shuts Down

    No I don't think there are any real ones. Just people on forums speculating on who might be likely to do it. Would be interested to see who says MS are buying 3DR and why they say it, but I doubt their reasoning is anything more in-depth than "because I think they are going to based on xyz". We...
  19. furnace

    Rumour: 3D Realms Shuts Down

    I think the only way we'll ever see DNF is if 3DR (which is now what, two people?) 'give' the game to another studio under a deal where they oversee development with 3DR only getting a small % of the profit, or outright sell the work done so far to another studio. And that's if other studios are...
  20. furnace

    Girls who can’t handle their drink!

    Uhhh... what? You need to ask the barman what the hell that's all about! Why do the women want a screen showing the men having a slash? :confused: Edit; I get why there are cameras in loos (as above) but I mean broadcasting the mens loos to a screen in the ladies. Serious wierd.