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  1. malfunkshun

    What are the 30 year old plus gamers playing?

    35.0 °C Yeah it's not what it was, I'm only waiting to see what happens when it ports to a new platform in the coming months.
  2. malfunkshun

    What are the 30 year old plus gamers playing?

    Destiny 2, BF5 and Settlers Online mostly, generally by myself *sniff*
  3. malfunkshun

    8 Pack "shower head" watercooling

    Interesting! had some fun with coolant on die water many years ago, never again! Direct to IHS sounds like a happy medium between a regular block and a buttock clenching direct to die build, could you imagine trying to go direct to die with any of the current AMD processors! What would be the...
  4. malfunkshun

    High temps, not enough rads / wrong case?

    I'd say the temps are pretty much as expected, especially with that vcore on the processor (which I wouldn't want to run at long term).
  5. malfunkshun

    Apogee Universal Waterblock - AM4 Compatible?

    You should be able to expand four of the holes in that to bodge a fit onto AM4, did that with my sons HK3 multi-fit plate and a needle file. You just need to play with mounting pressure for the best results after that.
  6. malfunkshun

    Watercooled Case Gallery

    Haven't been in here for...years! There are some very nice builds though. My current nonsense, it needs rebuilding in a new case, the dust control on this one is terrible.
  7. malfunkshun

    Dual loop or Serial & Parallel

    If you have two pumps and 2 reservoirs and two radiators you may as well do two discrete loops, they'll be thermally independent and you could colour them differently (were you so inclined). Or, you could use one reservoir and feed two loops that are otherwise separate, but you'd lose the...
  8. malfunkshun

    Watercooling.. how much fluid?

    I think it is time I got a new res, mine takes more than a litre by itself if I fill it fully.
  9. malfunkshun

    Support for Ryzen 3 2200G out of the box

    Any of the x370/b350 boards will probably need a bios update for 2XXX cpus, which will require a 1XXX cpu. B450 will not.
  10. malfunkshun

    Cheapest 6 pack RGB fans TO WORK WITH RGB FUSION?

    Any 4(or 5) pin RGB(or RGBW) fan should work. I wouldn't go too cheap, you get what you pay for to some degree.
  11. malfunkshun

    Line Rental Saver

    Their line rental is about to go up too, according to the email I got from them recently. Edit; yeah what BadMojo said.
  12. malfunkshun

    Re-roof cost?

  13. malfunkshun

    Replacing Windows - should we have new window boards?

    Inside, I would keep, or fit new, wood if possible. Outside I would I would go PVC. It is a matter of taste really.
  14. malfunkshun

    Any ravers in here?

    Well, 87-92 ;) after that there is little new to hear. Although that isn't to say there aren't some good twists on old themes.
  15. malfunkshun

    Spare student loan money..

    Pay it off your student loan?
  16. malfunkshun

    Pasty Mashing New York tickets

    It's pasty Smashing pasty mashing is what cornish care home workers do for their clients. New York? for Valentines? too cold, too far, too commercial. About as romantic as getting her to mash your pasty for you.
  17. malfunkshun

    Warning daffodils are flowers and not food

    Schmoke them, don't eat them.
  18. malfunkshun

    Revenge Suggestions for someone I know - We now know what he did

    :D Thanks, laughed loudly enough to awaken the wife.
  19. malfunkshun

    Changing from 1st to 2nd

    clutch control?
  20. malfunkshun

    So I bought a Henry Vacuum from Amazon

    I think that Wickes machine is made by Numatic....