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  1. doofer

    Depressing subject I know..

    I hope your Nana does not suffer. Sadly, dying with dignity will never be allowed in the UK as the Church who pays no Taxes has way too much influence over our Laws and they think life is 'god's gift' and is therefore sanctified in some way. It is disgraceful how we are forced to allow loved...
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    If you went outside now would you expect to see 100s of slugs/snails on it?

    You need a Hedgehog or salt. I get slugs in my kitchen occasionally, always a fun time treading on one unexpectedly with bare feet, no idea where/how they are getting in.
  3. doofer

    Terrorists - lost souls? really?

    Ahhh, souls.
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    British backpacker in Australia killed by French national yelling "Allahu akbar"

    They are agreeing that it is in the Koran. Their interpretation of it is by-the-by. It is there. You clearly stated that there was no such instruction in the Koran. Are the parts I have emboldened for you instructions or not?
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    British backpacker in Australia killed by French national yelling "Allahu akbar"
  6. doofer

    British backpacker in Australia killed by French national yelling "Allahu akbar"

    Is it the 'Death to all infidels' bit?
  7. doofer

    Offered a full refund for a course and then offer retracted

    You're not being very flexible with them after they've bent over backwards for you.
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    Did the Moon-men have a sense of humour?

    You didn't follow a moving object, you got signals transmitted from a moving object which did not need anyone on board to send, it is NOT proof men were on board is what I am saying. You can't use 'They were sending transmissions/signals to Earth from the Moon' as irrefutable proof it was a...
  9. doofer

    Did the Moon-men have a sense of humour?

    There's stuff on Mars now too, don't need a 'Manned' mission to put stuff on other planets, the Russians have stuff on the Moon, they have never had a manned landing. People really need to stop using easily debunked and flawed evidence as their 'Irrefutable Proof'.
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    Did the Moon-men have a sense of humour?

    Do you have Sky/Satellite TV? Are the Studios etc. inside the Satellites? Do people fly out there to transmit stuff back down to Earth, or do they transmit stuff up to the Satellite from Earth and then beam it back down? Now, do you see how easily it COULD have been faked and using that as...
  11. doofer

    Cop Shoots and Kills Unarmed Deaf Man as He Tries to Communicate Using Sign Language

    Not complying with a Police Officer whether by impairment or belligerence should not be punishable by Summary Execution. Weapons should only be used if lives are endangered not because someone isn't doing as they were told.
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    Enough about yourself, what about Rhyl? :cool:;)
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    The Feel Good thread!!!!

    I would crack a slight grin if the Mods moved this into the YouTube Thread where it belongs. Also, it's a ****e video with a terrible singer.
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    Germans to be told to stockpile.

    There's absolutely nothing to worry about but you might want to stockpile food and acquire a gas-mask, a lead lined suit and dig a bunker at least 20m underground.
  15. doofer

    Germans to be told to stockpile.

    Knowing how the current German Govt. likes to pander to certain groups, perhaps it's just that they are planning on banning certain foods/drinks to comply with those of a different culture and not some credible or serious Terrorist threat to their water/food supplies.
  16. doofer

    What can i do about noisy neighbors kids!

    If you want to keep the kids away just put a large sign in your front garden that says 'WARNING! REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER LIVES HERE'. Works a great for me keeping the little buggers away during Trick or Treat.
  17. doofer

    Spec me a....breakfast cereal!

    Being a grown man I thought there was only Corn Flakes or Porridge. :confused:
  18. doofer

    Private nurse.

    Contact local Council Social Services for information on local Care Homes that take Dementia/Alzheimer's for Respite/Day Care, you can then leave your wife/relative in their care for anything from a day to a fortnight or they may be able to put you in touch with someone who can stay with your...
  19. doofer

    Good alternative to No Mans Sky Getting Blueprints to make the stuff would be quite difficult but those are the vehicles in the Game from the looks of it.