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  1. alec

    Cost of Living Crisis

    I don't understand. Are you saying it is ok to let her starve then? Or that our problems are caused by cats? Or that people without cats are all fine?
  2. alec

    Ukraine Invasion - Please do not post videos showing attacks/similar

    For many of these Azov *****, there is ample proof collected over 8 years of war. Hell, they were not shy and bragged about their crimes in social networks themselves.
  3. alec

    petrol stations chaos

    The green line would look much more irregular for ICE
  4. alec

    petrol stations chaos

    Might have a stronger effect instead More cars fit on the road at lower speed. And there will be less spread between low speed and high speed lanes. So lowering speed limits will indirectly reduce congestion, which also improves average fuel consumption unless everyone overthinks the problem
  5. alec

    petrol stations chaos

    you are touching the area of brake specific fuel consumption, BSFC a curve of how much fuel is burned per horsepower produced over range of rpm and throttle positions. Fascinating plots that may explain it better when you see one...
  6. alec

    Need to upgrade my i5-2500K to something up to date

    Zen2 should be ignored. Sure it could be on top in multithreaded benchmarks, but overall it will be slower across large range of tasks and gaming. Choice should be between Zen3 and Alder Lake, and budget will decide.
  7. alec

    Which overclock is better for gaming?

    Out of these choices 3. (3600 14-15-15) should be fastest. Could confirm in aida64 latency test. But as you already found out, all 4 would be fairly similar. maybe geekbench could appreciate the difference.
  8. alec

    What is the oldest peripheral you have attached to your PC?

    Logitech X-530 5.1 speakers. Bought used a loong time ago. Going strong
  9. alec

    OcUK RX5800X3D review thread

    70% looks impressive, but it was from a low start. Zen4 will double L2 cache and equip high bandwidth DDR5, so improve same areas that benefit from large L3. A fair chance that in some titles/resolutions 5800X3D will remain top. But not in all like it is now
  10. alec

    New build help

    That is a solid motherboard +1 on PSU advice above. With Ryzen 5600 go lower 650W or even less if high quality gold. No GPU south of 1000 pounds will need more Partial to Seasonic myself My basket at OcUK: 1 x Silverstone SST-ST55F-PT 550W 80 Plus Platinum Modular Power Supply (SKU...
  11. alec

    Which CPU to buy in this ugly situation?

    Price gap between 3060Ti and 3060 is large, but so is the performance. Price gap between 3070 and 3070Ti is small, but so is the performance, and the TI will use a lot more power. When I was looking for GPU, 3060Ti and 3070 were the best in terms of price/performance/heat (and chances to get a...
  12. alec

    upgraded PC now i am in gaming hell

    To bide time until it arrives, and also to indirectly confirm PSU is the issue, you could experiment with basic GPU undervolting. Not even undervolting, just reduce the GPU power limit in Afterburner Reduce it from default (what is it, 450W?) by 100-150W and see if crashes persist. At reduced...
  13. alec

    AMD to unveil Zen 4 CPUs at CES 2022

    Definitely a sign of a buggy engine, not dealing well with dual chiplets
  14. alec

    Change of plan to a new build

    I believe even with front HDD installed the limit is more like 320
  15. alec

    Change of plan to a new build As compact as many ITX cases, but gives more options. ATX motherboard ATX PSU Full size CPU cooler or 240mm AIO Large graphics cards
  16. alec

    AMD Zen 3 (5000 Series), rumored 17% IPC gain.

    nah, it is the good old "not enough voltage for the clock speed" It is just that with curve optimiser it is more likely that unstable clock/voltage combination is not reached very often. Usually in intermittent/low load situation, which makes it tricky to test.
  17. alec

    I7 3770k Dinosaur upgrade to Amd darkside.

    Let us know how it fares
  18. alec

    AMD Zen 3 (5000 Series), rumored 17% IPC gain.

    Wait for Zen 4 ... only if you are prepared to pay more. Zen 4 will come with more expensive CPUs, motherboards and DDR5 memory.
  19. alec

    AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D retail processor has been tested ahead of launch

    Not again the 720p discussion... every single time It should be pinned on top of CPU forum. There are valid reasons to test without GPU bottleneck and there are valid complaints that it often doesn't matter. Btw I predict that 5800X3D huge cache CPU will also perform best in GPU limit cases...
  20. alec

    This is getting ridiculous (energy prices)

    I wish... Some coal back into the mix wouldn't hurt. But no, we keep going the green eco fairytale unicorn route