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  1. kohlditz

    Selling GPU to CEX

    I've got a 5700xt Red Dragon, keeping an eye on stock levels. Swapping for a voucher and getting an upgrade to 6700xt for ~100 and a couple of days downtime sounds semi okay to me. Steering clear of Ebay.
  2. kohlditz

    Just sold my 5700 XT for £740

    It has a high hashrate per watt ratio, that's why it is in demand. They get stuck in some mining rig, undervolted and underclocked and generate 2.5-3.5 currency a day. After 100 days or so it's net profit. Not a big fan of crypto, it seems like a really stupid way to burn 10-100KWH a day to...
  3. kohlditz

    Anyone just given up on looking for a new GPU?

    I wasn't really looking tbh, got lucky buying in towards the end of the previous generation and the 5700XT I have pretty much deals with everything I throw at it as a 1440p gamer at High/Ultra settings and 60fps+ Cyberpunk 2077 is still the exception where a couple of things need to go to medium...
  4. kohlditz

    Forza Horizon 5 - Mexico

    Check drivers, there's new ones for this game. For the speed, check the motion blur camera shutter speed.
  5. kohlditz

    Forza Horizon 5 - Mexico

    I found the benchmark to be quite a bit heavier than actual gameplay, I get 60fps low, 73fps average in the benchmark - but actually playing closer to 90-100fps. Definitely agree on FXAA. I may tweak my settings around a bit to go to MSAA 4x, will wait for the DF settings guide.
  6. kohlditz

    Forza Horizon 5 - Mexico

  7. kohlditz

    Forza Horizon 5 - Mexico

    It's a bit heavier to run than 4, just left it on ultra settings - 5700XT - 1440p
  8. kohlditz

    Any good suggestions for a 32inch Monitor

    That price territory is 1080p land and I think you'll have a very bad experience running 1080p at 32" A good monitor is worth saving a bit more for IMO, it will last you a lot longer than mostly everything else in the build. If you're a bit patient and can wait for sales then a 27" 144+ IPS...
  9. kohlditz

    Too Many Linux Distributions?

    I use Ubuntu current, 21.10 atm. I'm a sysadmin so we mostly use Alpine, but there's bits of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS kicking around so desktop Ubuntu is a bit less hassle.
  10. kohlditz

    Does anyone here play games on Linux?

    Using Ubuntu 21.10 and it's been flawless. If you get the latest AMD cards then it might be rough for a couple of weeks while they patch the latest AMDGPU driver into the kernel. NVIDIA cards have always been crappy on Linux, PoPOS may be better for that. Put Steam on, and the only thing i've...
  11. kohlditz

    Tory MP Sir David Amess murdered

    never heard of him before, quick cursory reading of his history says we wouldn't agree on most things. not my mp. condolences to the family and so. not to be disrepctful but theres bigger more important things happening atm and our news media could make a note.
  12. kohlditz

    Intel Arc series unveiled with the Alchemist dGPU to arrive in Q1 2022

    I'm pretty sure Intel have their eyes very much focussed on the laptop dGPU market. That's where the volume is, and frankly where NVIDIA is weakest.
  13. kohlditz

    When the Gpu's prices will go down ?

    Intel aren't using their own fabs for these, TSMC are building them.
  14. kohlditz

    The AMD Driver Thread

    SAM On SAM Off
  15. kohlditz

    The AMD Driver Thread

    Radeon Chill behaves differently now. SAM on 5700XT bumped me from 135 to 151 FPS in FH4 - so some games are getting amazing improvements in this case enough to bump from MSAA2x to MSAA4x. (I have 165Hz monitor, but for a fast game like this I target 120Hz+)
  16. kohlditz

    Deathloop - from the people behind Dishonored and Prey

    That's just what windows happens to be using at the time, it's not game related. (I have 64GB). The game was giving some warnings about videocard memory with 8GB at 1440p with no RT so maybe people are hitting limits there.
  17. kohlditz

    What was everyone's 1st pc and game?

    First computer actually owned was ZX Spectrum 48k and first 2 games were Ant Attak 3D and Atic Atac. First computer bought with own actual money was Amiga A600, we had an Amstrad 286 something before then; Wing Commander was a strong title. First actual PC I built was a 486SX, I think with s3...
  18. kohlditz

    Deathloop - from the people behind Dishonored and Prey

    Smooth as butter on 5700xt at 1440p. Knocked some of the lighting settings down and obviously no raytracing but sits quite happily north of 60fps with no frame pacing issues that I can see.
  19. kohlditz

    Deathloop - from the people behind Dishonored and Prey

    There's a reason for that.
  20. kohlditz

    Deathloop - from the people behind Dishonored and Prey

    It's like Dishonered on a high Chaos run