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  1. therealpieman

    Multirotor, multicopter and quadcopter discussion thread (drones).

    Thanks, looking at the Phantom 2 website, you can get it with or without a H3-3D gimbal. Is the gimbal needed? Can it be added later (couldn't see it as a separate item)? Price is certainly top end of what I'd want to pay (splitting it with other family members.) but the Phantom 2 looks like a...
  2. therealpieman

    Multirotor, multicopter and quadcopter discussion thread (drones).

    Hi all, Thinking about a Christmas present for my father, and he has mentioned quadcopters with a camera... He has a field that he could fly it from is there a minimum budget to get an 'ok' set up, something that could fly for a few mins, be fairly easy to use, take short video or pictures...
  3. therealpieman

    Polo 9N AWY 'check engine' light on

    This, I had a 2002 16v Polo for 4 years, for 3.5 of those the check engine light was on. No amount of checking changing sensors etc would turn it off for any more than a few hours. To be honest the electrics were shocking reminding me of my 80's Alfa rather than a modern German car. For...
  4. therealpieman

    how much does it cost you to get to work?

    Most of my sanity, or about 1.5%
  5. therealpieman

    Accident advice

    It is an offence to leave, and you can be prosecuted just ask Ed Balls
  6. therealpieman

    Getting a refund

    A miracle would of happened. Ask for charge back from your credit card company.
  7. therealpieman

    New tax rules - Double tax

    If you buy a ex demo small car that was zero tax for the first year, you will have to pay the normal rate when you get it rather than getting the remainder of the free tax, and the dealer will get their £0 refund...
  8. therealpieman

    Replacement number plates

    What happened to the old ones?
  9. therealpieman

    Getting my will updated by "Will Writer"

    The only advice I have is don't make them or a solicitors executers of the will. If they suggest they are then run away.
  10. therealpieman

    People who hate automagics...

    Ok do that then sorted.
  11. therealpieman

    People who hate automagics...

    Sounds like a great project car then...
  12. therealpieman

    People who hate automagics...

    Have you thought of keeping the Polo and getting a car for the track that you can race for real or at least do track days with rather than perfecting your techniques on public roads.
  13. therealpieman

    What percentage of your worth would you spend on a car?

    Then you need two cars, (if you do need one for transport) one to do the boring daily grind and the other to put a smile on your face. The smile on your face car could be a project, to improve over time which may well put more of a smile on your face than just splurging a load of money on...
  14. therealpieman

    What percentage of your worth would you spend on a car?

    As little as possible to get a car that did what I really needed it to do. So if it's a long commute get me their using as small amount of fuel as possible, in relative comfort, start every morning and not look out of place in the car park. If it's a family car then the same on starting but with...
  15. therealpieman

    Minimum wage + Tax

    If the OP is under 21 then his wage will be £5.03 an hour, and he shouldn't pay any tax should he as the allowance is 10,000 now. EDIT: and if the OP's wages only went up in June his total earnings for the year may not exceed his allowance. However the OP should check out his tax code to make...
  16. therealpieman

    The GD Referendum – Scottish Independence

    Same here, it seems such a huge task to take on that how it actually works in practise is interesting to me.
  17. therealpieman

    Anyone got contact details for Justin Reece Shoemakers?

    Nominet show the owner of as Registrant: 4feet retail ltd Registrant type: UK Limited Company, (Company number: 8368422) Registrant's address: 83-89 Vale Road London London N4 1PP United Kingdom But the company number they use refers to...
  18. therealpieman

    Little things people do that annoy you?

    This, especially when they have to go out of their way to park next to you.
  19. therealpieman

    Little things people do that annoy you?

    Anyone who driver faster or slower than me...
  20. therealpieman

    Long Term Finances of Help to Buy Equity Loans seems to cover it, the last example is not paying back the whole loan but half of it. From reading that the fees are only calculated on the original loan amount, not the current amount owed (20% of current market...