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  1. Pvt_Ryan

    Centos 7 can't access local server via browser.

    point of note for others reading this. CentOS 7 doesnt use iptables by default it uses firewalld.
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    What software would you use to virtualize Windows 7 on RedHat Linux?

    Redhat has KVM which works fine. Virtualbox is easier to use however. If you are trying to setup a VM to act as a more or less permanently running server / starts with system use KVM. If you are wanting an adhoc windows box that you spin up and down as needed use Virtualbox
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    SIP phone config

  4. Pvt_Ryan

    Cable/FTTC router that supports multiple VLANs

    have you tried installing openWRT instead of DDWRT?
  5. Pvt_Ryan

    trying to figure out what I actually need...

    I would strongly recommend the n54L/gen8 cheap and support WOL. Install Linux & Plex. Install transmissionbt and Flexget, and give me a shout I can give you my flexget configs and scripts.
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    Cheers Marc. leigh_boy test "trust" sent
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    [build log] Corsair 650D to 750D and 420 rad

    looking forward to this hopefully you will avoid a few of the pitfalls i had
  8. Pvt_Ryan

    A few noob questions

    The streaming isn't bad. Having two monitors side by side i could see some compression artifacts and i could judge the lag to be ~half a second or less. Now both systems were side by side and using wireless N so I assume the lag would almost vanish if using Ethernet. You're not going to win...
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    Overclocked 3570k + Battlefield 4 = stuttering

    have you looked at CPU parking?
  10. Pvt_Ryan

    The Great OcUK Distro/Derivative Poll VI

    If you are looking to learn about the internals it is excellent. However trying to keep it up to date is just a royal pain. I did it once then deleted it. CentOS/Fedora/Ubuntu at home CentOS/RHEL at work
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    leigh_boy - Nope, you can have it.. I'll try and look this week end to give you a full list of what I have. I can't seem to figure out how to PM you, even after adding you as a contact.
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    What can I do with this...

    I'd install Centos and use KVM for visualization. Spin up as many "systems" as you need.
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    if i recall on my exam there were a number of subnetting questions. Things like x cant talk to y and it would be subnet mask mismatches or configure x to talk to y
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    Sure, if craig doesnt want them they are yours. Word of warning postage wont be cheap for the routers as they are heavy items.
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    I've done it.. 1. Get the following three books: A) CCNA simplified by Paul Browning - I cant recommend this enough, pairing it with offical exam guide was invaluable as each covered topics in different ways that helped me understand. His site is...
  16. Pvt_Ryan

    Best way to learn wordpress

    Here you go hope it helps:
  17. Pvt_Ryan

    Corsair Obsidian 750D Builds

    No worries, Glad i could help. If you need anything else feel free to PM me.
  18. Pvt_Ryan

    Which hosting service?

    Dont want to threadjack but any particular reason?
  19. Pvt_Ryan

    Corsair Obsidian 750D Builds

    See my Project log i put a 420 rad in:
  20. Pvt_Ryan

    What desktop environment do you guys use?

    generally just the terminal but when i have to i prefer xfce