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  1. tyke_

    Resident Evil 7&8 VR mods with hand tracking

    Good to hear it worked with Index controllers. I struggled in RE2 with knuckles, it felt janky. Can't help thinking maybe i should give a bit of time to trying these RE games in 2D before the vr version so i can get used to the mechanics of the game.
  2. tyke_

    possible scratch on my Quest 2 lens

    I wouldn't worry about it although it may effect resale value if you come to sell. I have lens inserts in my aero to protect against scratches, might be worth investing in some?
  3. tyke_

    VR Headset for Sim Racing

    pixels per degree matters most to clarity of display, iirc the G2 is about 24, the Quest 2 is about 20, so not a world of difference no, but noticeable (to me). not knocking the Q2, for the price it has a great display, binocular overlap is fantastic, its 1 of the most easy on the eyes displays...
  4. tyke_

    Walking Dead Saints & Sinners

    really liked saints and sinners when i had my quest 2 it was great playing wirelessly, but i only progressed a bit, as soon as i got to the combat involving other survivors i got stuck, i was crap at it. deffo buying S&S 2 when that releases to play on my aero, i'll miss out on the wireless part.
  5. tyke_

    NVIDIA 4000 Series

    i just hope the hype surrounding the 4000 series turns out to be true. i'm not buying unless they give atleast 25% fps increase over my 3080ti. how are you planning to secure a 4000 series gpu? i'm signed up to Telegram alerts that ping me when 3000 series FE cards are available, it seems Scan...
  6. tyke_

    Oculus Quest 2 Pro / Oculus Quest 3 Thread

    Quest 3 in 2023 will be insta-buy for me, can't wait! Going by the q1 and q2 it'll be a fantastic hmd.
  7. tyke_

    VR Headset for Sim Racing

    Yeh i'd say get a new 1 too where quest 2 is concerned, often they're not much cheaper 2nd hand i.e. i got £250 for my used q2, you don't know how well used it is and how much battery charge its holding, mine seemed to have less battery life when charged compared to when it was new.
  8. tyke_

    Elden Ring

    Another Luke Ross mod, i know very little about elden ring so will have to do a bit of research to see if it looks like a game i'd like in vr. I've paid £30 or £40 in total to his patreon now, not sure if i've had my moneys worth in purely gaming time terms, i've enjoyed and played his free gta...
  9. tyke_

    NVIDIA 4000 Series

    I'm very seriously considering buying a 4080 or 4090 (whatever the flagship gpu is at launch) to go with my i7 7700k, does anyone think that's silly? I currently have an oc'd 3080ti which is doing ok with my i7 7700k, i'm never cpu bound when gaming at high resolutions, always gpu bound. 4k...
  10. tyke_

    Stand/head ?

    i bought the "AMVR VR Headset and Touch Controllers Display Stand, Helmet & Handle Holder Mount Station for Oculus Quest 2" from amazon for about £20. i think its ok to mention it as oc's don't sell vr stands afaik. does the job, nothing fancy.
  11. tyke_

    new Quest 2 competitor coming soon!!

    Yeh i agree the aio arpara is totally unproven, from the very little that has been seen of it (all arpara vid releases) lets just say it didn't look oculus tracking quality.
  12. tyke_

    Only just Discovered this! (Project Cars 2 VR, with steering wheel!)

    I 2nd this, ams2 graphically in vr is pc2 on steroids. Pc2 still v good though.
  13. tyke_

    *** Oculus Quest 2 Owners Thread ***

    Yeh oc did sell the item, i was asking for best place to buy, i think oc is best for it anyway (quest 2 - having regrets selling mine now).
  14. tyke_

    Varjo Aero

    35 minute review of aero with comparison to the G2.
  15. tyke_

    *** Oculus Quest 2 Owners Thread ***

    Edit: ah i think requesting/suggesting sources for a product goes against forum rules. ignore.
  16. tyke_

    VR in contact Lenses

    it's very interesting tech though if they can pull it off. It's the ultimate small form factor for AR/MR/VR (apart from brain implants). I'd be eager to try it, but I bet it's 10+ years away (think he says this decade in the vid)? Reminds me of stuff in Cyberpunk and Deus Ex.
  17. tyke_

    Skip 4000 series wait for 5000 series?

    If a 4000 series card can give me a 35-50% fps boost then it's a no brainer, i'll be upgrading from my 3080ti. If it's nearer 25% then i'm not sure. I am a high end VR user, some games like msfs run at low 20s fps when settings are turned up so i could certainly do with some extra grunt.
  18. tyke_

    Half Life 2 VR - upcoming mod

    ah i remember HL1 VR version on my DK2 too if that's what you're talking about? Ravenholm :eek:....Good times... About whether it will come out, in the reddit link I gave the person mainly responsible for the HL2VR mod does say that they've taken over from someone else, that they had a load of...
  19. tyke_

    Half Life 2 VR - upcoming mod Copied from flatscreen to vr discord, information/progress report on an upcoming vr conversion of HL2, looks v promising.
  20. tyke_

    What's your personal GOAT ? (Game of all time)

    ARMA 3. Clocked up 1500+ hours on it in under 3 years. Played it almost daily several hours a day whilst being severely mentally ill (schizophrenia), it was my only escape. Now i'm on meds & well I don't play it but I look foward to ARMA 4 if/when it's released.