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  1. valkynaz

    What PC games are you playing?

    I've been playing a lot of Euro Truck Simulator 2 lately. I've got myself involved in a new VTC (Viva Trucking) and it's been nice and relaxing doing some long haul deliveries. Every now and then I'll pop onto Oldschool Runescape as well. It's amazing seeing the player count as high as it is...
  2. valkynaz

    *** Youtube/Video thread ***

    I had this surgery done for the 5th time on Tuesday, my throat still feels like it's burning!
  3. valkynaz

    **The Official Star Wars Battlefront II Thread (PC)**

    My response from the UK Gambling Commission says otherwise. Because there is no monetary prize (in the form of either cash or sellable items), there is nothing that the UK can do under current legislation.
  4. valkynaz

    **The Official Star Wars Battlefront II Thread (PC)**

    Your reaction to trying to do something about the ****-poor state that some AAA games are turning into with micro-transactions is lol? At least I'm trying to do something for the consumer. True there are lots of things in life where you don't know what you're getting, but this isn't...
  5. valkynaz

    **The Official Star Wars Battlefront II Thread (PC)**

    After seeing this on Reddit I've also reported them to the UK Gambling Commission in hopes they are able to something if anything about these shady gambling practises. EA might have shot themselves in the foot this time with the amount of time required to unlock anything in the game through in...
  6. valkynaz

    Manchester Bombing *** Please remain respectful and refrain from antagonising posts ***

    Me and my GF were going to book tickets to go to this concert only a couple of weeks ago...crazy to think what could have happened if I went. RIP to all of those who lost their lives. The world can be a disgusting place.
  7. valkynaz

    Poll: Prime Minister Theresa May calls General Election on June 8th

    Jeremy Corbyn on snap election: I don't dabble in politics but from what I've saw in the past JC has like all others turned to answer dodging no matter the questions. He effectively dodged every answer.
  8. valkynaz

    Answer my science question

    I thought the reason why they were black was because the gravitational pull is stronger than the kinetic energy of photons, meaning they can't escape and are pulled into the black hole like any matter surrounding it. Not because the light "bends" back into a black hole.
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    * The Metal Thread *

    Some of the stuff I've been listening to lately: I've had the pleasure to see all of these bands live except Straight Line Stitch. There's plenty of more than this if anyone likes it :p.
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    New forum! Post bugs & errors in here *CHECK FIRST POST FOR ISSUES FIRST - P.S. THE MM IS OPEN*

    Classic case of focusing on the negatives and ignoring the positives. Myself included in that lot (at least at the moment).
  11. valkynaz


    Download a program such as MSI Afterburner that will let you look at GPU usage in game and use task manager to do the same with CPU usage and you will be able to see which part needs upgrading the most.
  12. valkynaz

    New forum! Post bugs & errors in here *CHECK FIRST POST FOR ISSUES FIRST - P.S. THE MM IS OPEN*

    Good point. 1. I preferred the log in box rather than a "blade" swiping down from the top. As well as that the login button is tiny and out of the way and on top of advertisements. I preferred the convenience of being able to type in my information straight away. The first thing I started to do...
  13. valkynaz

    For Honor - Hack and Slasher

    It's a shame the matchmaking in this game is terrible (I don't know why I'm surprised). Most games take a while to join, if you do find one it's only one other person. Every single game of Brawl I've played and finished, 100% of the time two people always leave meaning you can't progress to the...
  14. valkynaz


    It depends on what your aim is I guess. Your post implies you want to upgrade your CPU yet you're suggesting a GPU upgrade both despite the fact that "144 FPS is occasionally a bit hit and miss" which suggests to me most of the time you are getting somewhere close to that figure. If that is the...
  15. valkynaz

    New forum! Post bugs & errors in here *CHECK FIRST POST FOR ISSUES FIRST - P.S. THE MM IS OPEN*

    I preferred the old design, don't like the new one.
  16. valkynaz

    husband cash in a divorce 15 years ago is told he must up her maintenance

    Maybe she should get off her arse and work more than two days a week.
  17. valkynaz

    *** Battlefield 1 ***

    I bought this game a few days ago and after it finally downloaded I have to say this is the worst Battlefield game I have played to date. The very first game I joined there was an aimbot. So that's my first game ruined. What's worse is this person could not be kicked, nor could they be...
  18. valkynaz

    Free Twitch Prime if you are an Amazon Prime member.

    For those of you not aware you get free Twitch Prime subscription if you are a Amazon Prime member. On top of this you get a free 30-day subscription to any streamer every month. Next day/same day/1-2 hours delivery, Amazon Video, Amazon Music and Twitch Prime for only £79/year? Yes please :D...
  19. valkynaz

    What game in history have you played the most?

    RuneScape. 6084 hours played on my main account on RS3 (maxed character excluding invention). 498 hours played on my oldschool account. So 6600+ hours and a few hundred more if you include other accounts created over 10 years and hours played on private servers.
  20. valkynaz

    Your funeral songs

    Haven't really decided which yet but it would probably be one of the following: