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  1. Steveocee

    VOIP Phone System

    Or..... Speak to me?
  2. Steveocee

    Windows Security Crentials NAS Mapping

    Although it's asking for Windows details, it doesn't need them. try the "other" option or "more" can't remember which it is and then you will need to enter the SMB share username and password (synology login). Should be fine after that.
  3. Steveocee

    POE Access Point Recommendation?

    I have just swapped the APs I have at home and in the family homes to the NWA50's, admitteddly these are bottom of the NWA WiFi 6 pile but I'm super happy with mine. At my house I swapped out a UniFi UAP-AC-Pro (twice the rrp) for one of these and it's performing easily as well if not slightly...
  4. Steveocee

    *** Official Ubiquiti Discussion Thread ***

    I've recently migrated from my staple recommendation of "Ubiquiti for WiFi" over onto the Zyxel Nebula enabled APs. Picked up a couple of the bottom end W6 models, NWA50AX. 1 in the attic where my old AC PRO used to be covers just as much and speedtests tend to carry a little more throughout...
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    DNS settings

    Primary Secondary All LAN devices pointed at my router.
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    POE issue with TP-link Switch and Ubiquiti Rocket 5AC Lite

    The rocket's use a 24v poe by design as they are destined for outdoor and WISP usage so lower power is better. I can't quite explain the AC Lite however I know my old AC-LR was specced either 24v or 48v input as they are more enterprise spec. You're kind of going between the lines. Have you...
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    Running a business using VoIP rather than physical SIMs, mobile phones and landlines?

    No problem. 1 user on our platform gives access to a mobile app, a computer softphone and desk phone so you're covered. The desk phone we tend to recommend a Yealink as they play best with the platform, some are WiFi but I recommend ethernet where possible. Bolting extra numbers on as you go...
  8. Steveocee

    Running a business using VoIP rather than physical SIMs, mobile phones and landlines?

    @Cromulent if it's for business use I can get one of my sales guys to speak to you? Company is Yappl ( and we are ultimately an MSP but have a very long history in the B2B mobile sector as well as UC. One thing we can't/won't do though is port mobile numbers into a hosted system...
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    BT Infinity & FTTx Discussion

    I've been enjoying watching OR running overhead FTTP in my area lately. We were announced for FTTP a month and a half ago to be completed by 2024 and almost the next day the poles shot up. There now lokos to be a connectorised termination box on every pole, some with more ports than others to...
  10. Steveocee

    Fibre optic to garden office

    As someone who sits in a garden office on the end of fibre. Try a pre-terminated first. Depending on the route, is their no way of running another anyway?
  11. Steveocee

    9900k to 12700k?

    Food for thought. Thank you.
  12. Steveocee

    9900k to 12700k?

    The alternative is bin it all off and go MBP 14"?
  13. Steveocee

    9900k to 12700k?

    I can't find any. I don't use Adobe yet but am looking to move onto it later this year. Have been using Vegas and more recently Movavi as it seems to perform better than Vegas (better results faster)
  14. Steveocee

    9900k to 12700k?

    Focus has shifted from gaming now onto more adult and productive things including video editing. My current and previous editors are very cpu bound so my 1080Ti is nigh on useless. I do have an ongoing oddity with my Auros Z390 motherboard where it will sometimes not power up which annoys me...
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    Sky FTTP VPN Issues

    May be a daft question and apologies if you've already answered. What happens if you download +30GB outside of a VPN? Smash a couple of steam games going, does it tank then?
  16. Steveocee

    BT Infinity & FTTx Discussion

    Random question, has anyone had their area announced for fttp and then followed the install and how long it took? My area was announced about 2 months ago, a few of the local poles have been roped and we have some new poles on the next street. Wondering if I should be getting ready for a BB move...
  17. Steveocee

    Sky FTTP VPN Issues

    Are you doing DoH or DoT? SKY may be seeing the spike in encrypted traffic and managing it on your connection, if you are doing encrypted DNS then this could affect that also and would explain why it hits the entire house.
  18. Steveocee

    7Mb to 12Mb Suggested Speed When Checking Deals For New Address

    You mean you didn’t check before moving in?