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  1. welshtom

    3500+ and GeIL Value

    why on earth would he lower his multi? Just put your ram on the next divider down and keep clocking the FSB up. HT on 3x Tom
  2. welshtom

    Free Wilkinson Quattro Titanium Razor

    I got mine today, havent tested it yet tho
  3. welshtom

    Phase change...

    well, i was implying buying a custom built unit, not actually building one lol
  4. welshtom

    Very weird Server crash - Know any good diagnostic software ?

    i dont think its the battery, they only come into effect when the machine is off to retain bios settings. it would be stupid if they controlled the bios memory while it was on Tom
  5. welshtom

    lian li pc65 side-panel

    in a word no. v series is totally different to pc60 style
  6. welshtom

    Phase change...

    you have a choice of Vapochill system (LS/XE) or a prometeia system Mach 2 or a custom built unit Vapo and machs are about the same. Custom built will give you better temps and probably be around the same price range. Chilly1 or Kayl evap heads are the best out there although the...
  7. welshtom

    I'm weak. Completely ashamed of myself.

    good outlook penski, plus you can plumb/electrify you're own house then :)
  8. welshtom

    Corsair DOMINATOR Airflow Fan

    its what seasoned users of overclocking call "no nonsense" cooling. we dont get sucked in by hype and general tosh like the "corsair dominator" simple.
  9. welshtom

    Corsair DOMINATOR Airflow Fan

    cools BH5 at 3.9v fine tho.
  10. welshtom

    Corsair DOMINATOR Airflow Fan

    perfectly adequate for ram cooling, even the most extreme ram will be cooled by this. and you can use any old fan you have lying around thats 80mm or less
  11. welshtom

    Corsair DOMINATOR Airflow Fan

    whatever happened to the rubber band trick
  12. welshtom

    People are really stupid.

    wow, this thread shouldnt last too long
  13. welshtom

    Graphics cards and overclocking

    you should be able to lock it to 100 in the bios somewhere.
  14. welshtom

    My New rig scores..

    its not just a DX10 card tho lol, it can do DX9 very fast too ;)
  15. welshtom

    Case Cooling Fans?

    Yea, 120mm all the way :p, they are the best price/performance fan out there i'd say. much better than akasa ambers and cheaper. Tom
  16. welshtom

    Case Cooling Fans?

    They dont need converting to 7v, they are pretty quiet on 12v. obviously any fan will be quieter at 7v but i dont think the yates need to be turned down at all. Tom
  17. welshtom

    Digital face issues

    what difference does it make connecting them to the mobo? better off going straight to the PSU in my opinion Tom
  18. welshtom

    DIY Case Badges

    maybe email the people who do it in the UK (scots something isnt it, easy to find on google anyway) and ask them if they can send you some clear badges? Tom