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  1. brendy

    Only Mobile Phone as internet connect

    This, a little Huawei b series would do the job great and you can attach better, larger aerials.
  2. brendy

    Annoying driver issue - HP Gaming Laptop

    Can't you install Hp support assistant app and check for updates?
  3. brendy

    **** The Official Samsung Galaxy S22 Family Thread ****

    Likewise, before the major update last week (or the week before) I had two freezes inside a week. Not happened again since though.
  4. brendy

    How old is your smartphone?

    2 week old S22 Ultra but only because i'm in charge of the company phone contracts. Otherwise itd be something less expensive, I do love the S-pen though and have had them since the original Note.
  5. brendy

    Golf Thread

    Very nice to begin with, I will warn you that the sweet spot on the SuperFast 2.0 is tiny though, I had one and didn't keep it longer than a few months, the R15 and then M2 (2016 model) are much better drivers but will cost more.
  6. brendy

    Golf Thread

    lol yea, it sounds a bit funny depending how you read it :D Leaving your bag on the side of the green nearest the next teebox etc so you don't go trudging 40 yards in the wrong direction to collect your clubs, holding the guys up behind etc. Ready golf is basically the current way of getting...
  7. brendy

    Golf Thread

    Driving ranges are great for learning the basics, dont set unobtainable targets to begin with and allow him to try to thrash the life out of the ball where possible for fun. These days teaching prefers power first then accuracy which is easier to achieve rather than accuracy then power for...
  8. brendy

    Ukraine Invasion - Please do not post videos showing attacks/similar

    Don't think a shotgun would be my choice of weapon in those conditions.
  9. brendy

    **** The Official Samsung Galaxy S22 Family Thread ****

    Received my white 22 Ultra yesterday, ran through the smart switch from my GN10+ and its been flawless, the cameras are head and shoulders better than my previous note 10+ (tested zoom on my monitor and seeing the rgb segments of the pixels so sharply is fantastic and am going to try a few...
  10. brendy

    What was your favourite Galaxy S-series phone?

    Barring a couple of iphones between the Omni and Note, I haven't had a bad run of Samsung kit, none failed on me neither. I think the original Note was such a game changer, it was the biggest difference for me so will say it was the most fun. the new Ultra 22 cameras should be enjoyable with...
  11. brendy

    Laptop on two 49" LGs

    Worst case you just run them at 1080 resolution, shouldn't be too taxing as long as its not gaming (as you said) or full hd video files. Use reasonable quality convertors though.
  12. brendy

    **** The Official Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Thread ****

    Wife and two of my daughters are all running 9's, battery life still all day (bar the wife but she never sleeps!) which is good given the bashing they get.
  13. brendy

    **** The Official Samsung Galaxy S22 Family Thread ****

    Got a white S22 Ultra coming hopefully this week some time, will give me something to play with in isolation :D coming from a GM10+ not sure how much of a difference bar the cameras tbh, time will tell.
  14. brendy

    UEFA Champions & Europa League Football Thread ** spoilers ** [15th - 17th February 2022]

    Very workman like for a change, they did enough to keep the ball out then took advantage of some of the few chances in the game. Job done and look forward to a good game against the Canaries.
  15. brendy

    Network share on one PC refuses all fixes

    I'll throw in a daft SMB related problem ticket into the hat.
  16. brendy

    new phone time, note 9 upgrade

    Note 10 plus? Ive been through most of the incarnations since being an early adopter with the "stupidly big dom jolly" note original. The step from 9 to 10 is decent enough with touchscreen fingerprint reader, bixby button gone and better cameras. Maybe worth looking at?
  17. brendy

    Car fire - insurance

    I guess if you received a recall notice (my wife received a couple of different recall notes for her 320d regarding battery management parts in the boot), itll depend if you actioned them.
  18. brendy

    Car Battery

    He never mentioned driving it to put a better load on the alternator.
  19. brendy

    Car Battery

    Plug everything back as it should, beg borrow or buy a lithium jump pack (not overly expensive for them over on rainforest) as they come in handy especially in winter when batteries tend to expire. Use it to start the car then let the engine charge the battery for a few minutes then take it for...