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  1. ballistic

    Manchester United: Frustration

    he always looks good in major tournaments for portugal, but in the premiership last season he just looked like a fat, lazy guy who couldn't give a crap
  2. ballistic

    Men may be banned from daring to bare their chests

    what do they want for men to wear bras? :confused:
  3. ballistic

    Where is the best place to meet women?

    king's cross station after 11pm
  4. ballistic

    The Rumour Mill, who do you want/think your club will sign/sell this summer

    not sure about kuyt, despite banging in the goals in the dutch league (goal raio 0.7) he was poor in the world cup, he could flop in a similar way to kezman who knows.
  5. ballistic

    Sunglasses (Yet Again) - Oakley Carbon?

    really? I saw a recent study which showed that 10 pound sunglasses most often than not provide very similar protection - usually just as good in fact. Some cheap sunglasses are just rubbish though yes.
  6. ballistic

    world war III

    my ignorance? you're siding with terrorists. They destroyed palestinian buildings belonging to Hamas which even the EU recognise as terrorists, power plants - i have no idea but i'm sure there's intelligence to back it up, airports and roads in beirut to prevent reinforcements arriving for...
  7. ballistic

    Sunglasses (Yet Again) - Oakley Carbon?

    rip off, you can get nice sunglasses off topman for 10 pounds and without worrying of them breaking or you not liking them the following summer.
  8. ballistic

    world war III

    How many countries getting away with muder? hmm syria, Iran, a few others who support terrorists. Israel isn't targetting civilians, the hizbollah are giving families money to store weapons in their houses, they store weaponary in mosques and use civilians as human shields, but lets not get in...
  9. ballistic

    world war III

    there are over 100 countries who have broken "international law" (whatever you interpret it to be), just because you're jealous of israel being the only democratic cilivised technological evolved society in the middle east you don't have to hate them.
  10. ballistic

    The Rumour Mill, who do you want/think your club will sign/sell this summer

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic's agent has stated that the Swedish star will require a substantial pay rise to remain at disgraced Serie A side Juventus. The Bianconeri will learn of the result of the appeal against their relegation to Serie B and 30 point deduction on Tuesday, but Gianluca Zambrotta...
  11. ballistic

    italian match fixing scandal!

    they probably bribed them again, great news
  12. ballistic

    The Rumour Mill, who do you want/think your club will sign/sell this summer

    Alves is a far better player (much more expensive too though), not sure about Pennant - he's talented for sure but a **** who could cause problems in the dressing room just like Bellamy
  13. ballistic

    Israeli Troops Enter Gaza

    Syria talking themselves up in reality they are scared ****less of the IDF and they should be if you compare the armies
  14. ballistic

    Best Stain Remover

    Clit bang
  15. ballistic

    world war III

  16. ballistic

    Keyboard solo in Sexy Boy

    yeah Air are good, they have a distinctive french dance sound to their songs
  17. ballistic

    Racism and You.

    well most of them are idiots who have low class jobs and who don't know how to drive either
  18. ballistic

    Racism and You.

    in england anyone in a white van is a ******* moron
  19. ballistic

    Song & Album of the year so far

    some decent stuffm but nothing that stands out for me so far
  20. ballistic

    world war III

    League of nations did jack **** to prevent naziism, similarly the United Nations are useless with regards to almost anything