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  1. rabanthor

    Battery Grip for my D200 - would you buy this?

    Some of the hong kong suppliers will pay import tax if you are hit with it.
  2. rabanthor

    Speeding fines and insurance

    A few years ago at renewal time I told my insurance co. about points. They back dated the premiums,sent me a bill, and told me they could prosecute for fraud in such events. Although I may have been slightly naughty as the points were two years old and my first renewal I just let run on...
  3. rabanthor

    No Justice?

    You seem to have misrepresented what actually occurred. From the article you linked to - "The attack was said to have lasted nearly 30 minutes during which Mrs Idrees was spat at and insulted." Pretty scary stuff, three brave guys on one woman. The sentence was fine. It's the other sentences...
  4. rabanthor

    Woman suspended from work for wearing a crucifix!

    Seems you are one of the many that dont fully comprehend the meaning of liberal. or you are being sarcastic.
  5. rabanthor

    Removed recycle bin...

    I've moved it to my computer with a regedit. Will have a look to see what it was. but it is possible. Run Regedit and go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/explorer/Desktop/NameSpace/{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E} and copy the key and move it as...
  6. rabanthor

    Are BMW's Rubbish?

    Its about perceived quality. The bmw/audi are better at delivering perceived quality, and thats about it. The jap cars, being more reliable, are better quality under the bonnet. Guess it depends whats important to the individual.
  7. rabanthor

    "Theres plenty more fish in the sea" - not for much longer.

    Please provide a link for this, a quick search by me reveals it to be nonsense, but I hope I'm wrong.
  8. rabanthor

    Green Taxes

    I really dont get why some people are so determined there is no human impact on global temperatures. To me, it seems incredible to think us chucking lots of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere would have no effect whatsoever. Just have a look around at major conurbations, the smog over LA etc...
  9. rabanthor

    Dawkins makes a curious mistake...

    Absolutely, thats why conventional wisdom is often ******* (that was a random number of *'s, the reader can insert any word they deem suitable).
  10. rabanthor

    Dawkins makes a curious mistake...

    Sorry this is OT, did you receive Sagans book yet cleanbluesky? And OT, I guess these mistakes are understandable, although you'd think he'd be more careful with his research. I'm in two minds whether to buy that book or not, before you pointed out that error.
  11. rabanthor

    Star pulls 'Daily Fatwa' page

    lol, I guess it could be interpreted either way.
  12. rabanthor

    Star pulls 'Daily Fatwa' page

    Thats an assumption. Life of Brian does not take the michael at any point out of christ, its the followers that it extracts the urine out of. That is why the allegations of blasphemy were so off the mark. Watch it again, carefully this time. Although I suspect we are just going to differ on...
  13. rabanthor

    Star pulls 'Daily Fatwa' page

    As I've said before, life of brian is not a mickey take of christ. It is a mickey take of organised religion. And please, stop with the assumptions.
  14. rabanthor

    Star pulls 'Daily Fatwa' page

    The films depiction of Jesus was very sensitive, just his followers mishearing or misunderstanding him caused the hilarity. (cheesemakers?) The pythons saw it as an attack on organised religion rather than god or jesus, which is why I like it so much.
  15. rabanthor

    Star pulls 'Daily Fatwa' page

    I always thought the life of brian mocked organised religion and the followers rather than christianity as such, I think there is a subtle difference. "Judean peoples front,"...actually, better not finish that quote off.
  16. rabanthor

    Muslims comment on Olypmic timing

    The pair of you have some common ground now, with new kids and all...congrats to you and visage if you are reading this.
  17. rabanthor

    Muslims comment on Olypmic timing

    OT - As you can tell most of the time I lurk rather than post. I do enjoy the ongoing Visage/Virii tussle. Handy its easy to see when you're both logged on!
  18. rabanthor

    Muslims comment on Olypmic timing

    Jeepers, usually I find myself disagreeing with most of Virii's posts, and I dont mind muslims in this country, am all for multicultuarism, hate the daily mail, but on reading the article it seems fairly well-balanced and I have to agree with Virii. Goes off now for an aspirin...
  19. rabanthor

    another school kid arrested

    Doesnt seem to apply in this case. "Fewer than two per cent of pupils at Harrop Fold come from an ethnic minority. It had the worst GCSE results in the entire Salford LEA last year with just 15 per cent of pupils achieving five good passes including English and maths, a third of the...
  20. rabanthor

    Does the NHS not need more staff?

    I believe, but would need to find figures, that the nhs has less managers per member of staff than the average private sector organisation. Blimey, maybe we do need more!