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  1. SpudMaster

    World first QD-OLED monitor from Dell and Samsung (34 inch Ultrawide 175hz)

    That is a shame if true. Not everyone wants ultra wide or to be sat two foot from a TV!
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    Epic is giving away big games for the next few weeks again

    Don't get me wrong I'd much prefer to have all my games on one Launcher and to be fair the majority of my games are on Steam but other platforms like Epic Launcher aren't as bad a people make out. If you want to give me free stuff I'm definately not going to complain about it. If it wasn't for...
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    Epic is giving away big games for the next few weeks again

    Epic don't steal the games from the devs and give them to us. Devs have to agree and they also get paid by Epic. Of all the excuses I've heard to not use the Epic Launcher this has to be the best :p
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    People who daily drive an overclocking focussed motherboard - please respond here

    Only thing I'm not a fan of with the Tomahawk is it doesn't seem to recover every well from a failed post or boot if you enter bios settings it doesn't like, your forced to reset the CMOS. Well atleast what was the case of earlier bios', not tested with the later bios revisions. Pretty much...
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    People who daily drive an overclocking focussed motherboard - please respond here

    I can confirm the X570 Tomahawk is fine for overclocking RAM. I run my ran at 3600mhz 14-14-14-28 T1 at 1.45v. My RAM will do 3800mhz at same timings with 1.5v but noticed no difference other than in benchmarks so choose to ran at 3600mhz
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    UV Purple

    So i got the EK Cryofuel Indigo Violet and it turns out its a horrible colour! Looks alright without any lighting on but when you turn on UV it looks kinda brown, especially in the glass reservoir! Going to drain it and go back to Mayhems UV Green/yellow. :mad::mad::mad::cry:
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    UV Purple

    Cant remember how long I had my fluid in for but it was well over a years and still glowed nicely. Are you sure it was the fluid that lost its glow and not just tubing that went cloudy?
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    Fair enough. Just done a bit of reading on MiniLed. Bar offering increased brightness it seems OLED is superior in every aspect. If OLED panels are cheap to produce as you say then when more options become available hopefully it will help to drive the prices down. Waiting for 16:9, 27 -...
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    Amazing price....? £1100 for a VA I missing something? You can get QD-OLED panels for same price.
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    UV Purple

    Can't say I've had those issue personally. My gpu loop has mayhemps uv green\yellow. Still glows nicely when the UV is on. Looking at colours, EK Cryofuel Indigo Violet seems to give the colour I'm looking for.
  11. SpudMaster

    Flashing Sapphire Radeon RX 6950XT toxic limited edition bios on Sapphire RX 6900XT Toxic Limited edition?

    I dont know about changes to the PCB or anything like that but I imagine the 6950xt bios give the vram more voltage to allow for the higher clocks. Like Vega 56's and 64's. My Vega 56 couldn't get the memory clock I run until I flashed it with a 64 bios
  12. SpudMaster

    Are there any ATX 3.0 PUS on sale already?

    I wouldn't worry about 5 to 6 years time. Buy whatever PSU you want now and if you happens that you do need a new PSU you will have had 5 years use out of it!
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    UV Purple

    Going to give my loops a clean over the weekend. One loop is currently blue and the other green. I was going to change the green to UV Purple, probably Mayhems X1. Does anyone have any images of it actually running in their system? In the images I can see online and mayhems sites it seems to...
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    Virgin Media Discussion Thread

    Basically this, I've had an SH5 since November. Been with VM for years and was on 350mbps. Was offered a SH5 via email so I accepted
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    Mindless less shooting....? you clearly didn't play L4D properly :p
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    Why doesn't PBO2 hit the same allcore clocks as setting manually?

    Have you tried using the curve optimiser?
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    amd wattman system failure

    I know this doesn't help you very much but just wanted to say I like Wattman. It doesn't seem to get much love buy I've used it pretty much since day one. It's simple to use and nice to have an OC tool built into drivers, no need for extra software etc. I've only get driver timeout errors if...
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    The AMD Driver Thread

    Is your card overclocked? This might be worth taking a look at:
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    Mountain Biking

    Stiniog is one of my favourite uplifts. Good trails and pretty short uplift. Did you tackle the slab/steep rocks at the start of Black Powder?
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    Mountain Biking

    Not ridden AE in a long time. Probably over 10 years ago now but the DH track used to be really good, bet its changed alot now though. By the huge gap do you mean the Coffin Jump? (gap was to the left with chicken line to the right) and the step down just before the large berms towards the...