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  1. Nickl245


    £15 Is much less than Valheim is worth.
  2. Nickl245

    Natural/in built motivation?

    Motivation is good.but discipline is better, lasts longer. @OP, get tested for low testosterone at your GP, HRT gave me back the energy and drive I had as a teenager. You've gotta find a way out of the anhedonia in my experience,.new experiences are a good way to do it.
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    The Police Application Thread

    If he could read he'd be ineligible to apply! Unless he met the racism and sexism quota I suppose.
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    NHS=Negligent Health Service

    There's no point sacking off these forums over some tiny argument mate, just block the ones you don't like and find the nezt interesting thread.
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    What's your personal GOAT ? (Game of all time)

    For me the list is pretty clear #1 Final Fantasy IX - cliched story of a guy chasing the princess but so many twists on the way, and even some philosophy, huge story and so much to do in the game. Much more vivid characters than 7 and by far the best soundtrack of any game in history. #2 Mass...
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    What's the closest thing you have to a superpower?

    I haven't been really sick for over a decade, I only ever get minor colds and the sniffles. Knock on wood.
  7. Nickl245

    Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

    Nail on head. Squenix just seems soulless these days, trotting out tripe and setting the maximum price withlut the quality to back it up.
  8. Nickl245

    Your GPU history tree and potential next card

    I don't remember many, but I remember having a gtx480 and the ridiculouspower consumption. Wouldn't be usable with current energy prices.
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    Just gave blood again, do you?

    Off to my 7th blood dono next Sunday, gonna give them a pint of the purest unvaxxed O+ on the planet :) .
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    Identify my meat

    especially with this topic being right below the gay baker one :D
  11. Nickl245 its Dec 31st. Your personal GOTY ?

    If hades didn't win last year's thread then you guys suck at having opinions :D
  12. Nickl245

    Prince Andrew not served papers as they were handed to his police security.

    Gagging order huh? Didn't know it was that kind of kinky ****.
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    Good PC games that don't require a massive download?

    +1 for rimworld and valheim Civ4 has gotta be pretty small too, i prefer it to the modern ones Siralim ultimate has probably a thousand plus hours of gameplay, but it tales a certain typ of person to enjoy it
  14. Nickl245 its Dec 31st. Your personal GOTY ?

    but the individual games making up mass effects were up to a decade ago and you allowed that
  15. Nickl245 its Dec 31st. Your personal GOTY ?

    Age of Empires 4
  16. Nickl245

    Prince Andrew not served papers as they were handed to his police security.

    ********, they're the best chain pizza in the country, the worst part of this entire the reputational damage done to pizza express. **** jokes.aside.
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    Who was your teenage crush?

    Diddums' mother Sabrina the teenage witch Carol Vorderman (even today I would tbh) Suzi Perry Susanna Reid Natasha Kaplinsky Zoe from Blue Peter Karyn Parsons (Hillary from the Fresh Prince)
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    You guys think it will win Steam game of the year?
  19. Nickl245

    The Outer Worlds 2

    The first was really good, came in with low expectations but the gameplay was refreshing, bug-free, great audio and fun gunplay. The characters were maybe a little wooden at times though.
  20. Nickl245

    *** Cyberpunk 2077 ***

    Some items on the ground are bugged and can't be picked up, hacking is OP, especially on higher difficulty settings. You can get an aerondight fpr free in the middle game so dont buy it.