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  1. DONOHUE07

    What is the most you have spent on a game?

    Star Citizen game package and upgrading ship twice. about about £110. I'm without a PC right now so just can't play it, but eventually I'll likley spend a little bit more on it too
  2. DONOHUE07

    ******Official Star Citizen / Squadron 42 Thread******

    Not touched it for almost a year, cant wait to see what's new when I get a new laptop in a few months. 1st game I'm gonna install Same old trolls on the thread I see..
  3. DONOHUE07

    VR On A budget

    These VR hacks were quite common a few years ago, but to be honest they are quite crap now. A Quest2 or second hand Quest1 gives you a wonderful VR experience
  4. DONOHUE07

    What Virtual Reality games are you playing?

    It's been faaar too warm for VR, I'm itching to really get into A Township Tale on the Q2. And now it's cooler I've come down with covid.. ahhh
  5. DONOHUE07

    Konami - Super Bomberman R online

    Oh great news, i have have been playing it on stadia for awhile, it will be good to see an influx of new players, stadia multiplayer games can take awhile to match make sadly, crossplay is godsend.
  6. DONOHUE07

    "Cheap" Gaming Laptop

    The TUF isn't very good, the thermals are really high to the point the 3060 barely bests the 1066ti laptops. We have the same budget, amd for a grand I cant see a better value gaming laptop than the legion 5, ryzen, 16gb RAM, and 1660ti, benchmarks put only a couple of FPS behind the 2060 and...
  7. DONOHUE07

    Lenovo Legion 5 Pro

    Unsure to wait for this, or grab a 2060 or even the 1660ti variant.. Is there a big difference between the 1660ti laptop and the 3070 in FPS? The difference between the 1660ti and the 2060 laptops is only a few FPS in the benchmarks I've seen, not worth the extra couple hundred quid IMO
  8. DONOHUE07

    MSI GF65 rtx3060

    Anyone using this laptop? Reviews are a little thin on the ground
  9. DONOHUE07

    Google Stadia - launches 19th November 2019

    Honeslty don't know about, but what I can say it the stsdia version is pretty flawless, aside from some minor bugs, little like the AI driving in mission (skippable) and the odd AI character gliding above the pavement, very minor things. The biggest bug that impacted my game save, which is now...
  10. DONOHUE07

    Google Stadia - launches 19th November 2019

    Fantastic, runs and looks great, has two option, has higher graphics and runs at 30fps, and a 60fps frame rate mode with lower graphics. Honestly graphically there isn't too much of difference and I player through the whole game at 60fps. Theres still a few bugs, but it released in a much...
  11. DONOHUE07

    Google Stadia - launches 19th November 2019

    Tempted to get one too, I have couple of premier bundles I'm using, put like the idea of portability
  12. DONOHUE07

    Google Stadia - launches 19th November 2019

    Nonsense article, it was fixed a day or two after that pathetic hit piece was published
  13. DONOHUE07

    Google Stadia - launches 19th November 2019

    Well its official, my PC is sold, stadia is my main platform.. Cyberpunk completed, going to make my way through the Tomb Raider games and wait for a decent Red Dead sale
  14. DONOHUE07

    Would you sell a GPU on ebay now?

    Using a combination of Geforce Now, Google Stadia and Oculus Quest 2. PC long gone.
  15. DONOHUE07

    Would you sell a GPU on ebay now?

    My PC is stripped down, selling the lot, sick of PC gaming, sick of price hikes and gauging. 100% done..
  16. DONOHUE07

    todays price hike on 30 series stuff?

    Had enough of it all, I point blank refuse to pay over the odds for hardware, PC is stripped down and being sold off.. im done
  17. DONOHUE07

    What Virtual Reality games are you playing?

    Population One, and with season 1 starting tomorrow I cant ever seeing my self stopping right now..
  18. DONOHUE07

    PSVR 2, anyone interested?

    Its wired? If that's the case I'm not remotely interested. Quest 2 is liberating after being thered for the best part of the years, I will never go back to wired VR. In fact I'm seriously tempted to sell my PC (I can get what I paid for my 1070ti on release.. ) because despite Virtual Desktop...
  19. DONOHUE07

    Quest 2 Virtual Desktop Performance Thread

    Wow thats an incredibly low latency! Mine sits around 50ms which I happy with, I can play all my shooters and even Beat Saber without feeling handicapped by latency issues. I think 50ms is because I have various things running on the same channel. Is this something you have done?
  20. DONOHUE07

    3060, mining focused? Harder to get?

    Aslong as cards become more available, its a terrible time to try and upgrade right now