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  1. bm_999

    Trading the stockmarket (NO Referrals)

    so i know this has probably been asked before buttt, i guess this might be a good time to buy some sorts of shares or maybe even crypto (i know 2 very different things) for someone who hasnt got any shares at all (parents have some through halifax share dealing i believe) what is the easiest...
  2. bm_999

    Takeaway / fast food general discussion

    the burger or chips?
  3. bm_999

    Images of items I have purchased (except trainers)

    food for the coming week :D
  4. bm_999

    What watch do you wear?

    too many lovely examples on here, my armani and citizen would probably be slated loll
  5. bm_999

    Honeymoon Help

    And most helpful post of the week goes to this character. Also the other person who's a comedian (a bit long winded to quote aswell lol) To the others, thanks haha Water activities wise, if they are there and availible they will be done. Its not a deal breaker but having options for jet...
  6. bm_999

    Takeaway / fast food general discussion

    with 5 guys, you gotta pay for shaqs massive bed and cars somehow haha cant wait for Tuesday kfc 9 pieces for £5.99
  7. bm_999

    Vogue magazine threatens to sue a 200-year-old PUB.

    they probably paid their solicitors more than what they might get back loll
  8. bm_999

    Honeymoon Help

    Alright people, so day has come and after all the "dont get married" i obviously have not listened haha. I will go back in time later and tell myself that So looking at either bali, maldives or seychelles Now i dont mind grafting and finding everthing seperatly as most places will just rip...
  9. bm_999

    Would you shorten your life by ten years so you could relive your favourite year?

    depends on what age you are when you get the option tbh, but more than likely yes go back when is a big question haha
  10. bm_999

    Weird Things Your Neighbours Do

    probably try to play parking wars haha
  11. bm_999

    Approved Used BMW Negotiating Advice Please?

    right now prices for cars are crazyyy, def a sellers market as supply cannot keep up
  12. bm_999

    Mercedes Benz and AMG Owners

    what car was this for?
  13. bm_999

    **** The Official Samsung Galaxy S22 Family Thread ****

    what was the total price in the end?
  14. bm_999

    Time for Takeaway licence plates?

    like this wil ever happen, cant even protest about it now haha
  15. bm_999

    Anyone been to Heathrow T5 the past week or so?

    heard of delays there espeicaly with the ba staff issue so funny first they got rid of all the older workers now want to recruit new and low low pay, way of the world
  16. bm_999

    Gamer Girl selling her bathwater?????

    Ain't porn pretty much free nowadays loll
  17. bm_999

    **** The Official Samsung Galaxy S22 Family Thread ****

    are there are lot of s22 ultra in the classified at the mo?. Not seeing many on a few of the other sites yet
  18. bm_999

    Email promises me I have 10 million u.s. dollars coming my way...

    Make a fake monzo account, might be real haha
  19. bm_999

    Gatwick Valet Parking

    Same as others park yourself and take the key with u Valet parking is just crap most of thr time especially for airports