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  1. Rexton

    When the Gpu's prices will go down ?

    Just checked the prices again, since last time I checked they'd gone down and I was optimistic maybe it would be finally time to pull the trigger. Nope, gone straight back up. Not even surprised, got plenty of other hobbies to buy stuff for so I'll stick with those.
  2. Rexton

    Flashing Sapphire Radeon RX 6950XT toxic limited edition bios on Sapphire RX 6900XT Toxic Limited edition?

    Actual hardcore overclocking on youtube confirmed the PCB design is different. I doubt a flash would work.
  3. Rexton


    They're all in different locations
  4. Rexton


    I'm sure we appreciate what OcUK are doing but the prices are still silly, once decent cards get back to £500-600 I'll finally upgrade my 3 PC's. Until then we're living in clown world
  5. Rexton

    Anyone just given up on looking for a new GPU?

    That's still relatively new, I'm sat on an RX 580
  6. Rexton

    Anyone just given up on looking for a new GPU?

    Ticking along here with an old ivybridge 3570k and RX580, showing it's age quite heavily now. I don't play as much now as I've developed other hobbies, but I'm playing through Final Fantasy 15 and it's struggling, lots of stutter I'd like to upgrade but I can't justify the current pricing, I...
  7. Rexton

    Spec me a winter jacket

    Let us know what you think of the Fission SV, been eyeing it up as an all-in-one for a while now
  8. Rexton

    Spec me a winter jacket

    Others have already mentioned but Arc'teryx is the only brand I reguarly recommend, aside from a few Rab products Atom LT more than enough for British winter, Atom AR for any colder Outdoor Gear Lab for reviews
  9. Rexton

    illegal immigration

    Just seen dozens of boats arriving and piling up in Dover- hoards of people sprinting up our beaches Honestly looks like an invasion scene from a war movie, have no idea how people aren't at least concerned
  10. Rexton

    **The Mental Health Thread**

    My dad is the same, 76 and recently beat cancer- still working. Gas engineering, carrying heavy parts, under floorboards etc 2-3 days a week He absolutely doesn't need to, he's very wealthy and has no outgoings- he's just a firm believer in keeping busy keeps you alive I've seen people who are...
  11. Rexton

    Anyone deal with arachnophobia? NO Pictures of Spiders unless in spoiler tags.

    No one ever believes me- in my old house I woke up to the sound of my dog barking/growing- only to walk into the kitchen to find him barking at a house spider on the wall easily 6 inches in diameter I had no idea it was possible for them to reach that size, no one ever believes me and I've...
  12. Rexton

    Is there a algorithm for calcucating clothes drying on the line ?

    Been looking for a pair of decent walking trousers, could you recommend a pair?
  13. Rexton

    Recommended any family and couples camping sites?

    Seconded, great campsite Also the national trust campsite in Great Langdale Cwellyn Arms in Snowdonia if you want an amazing Lake and mountain view
  14. Rexton

    What ever happened to the forum deals?

    6800xt's listed for 1.2k :rolleyes:
  15. Rexton

    How are people getting GPU's ?

    I can't see anything either
  16. Rexton


    IMO the voucher code deals should continue to be posted in MM. Put them on the public forum and they'll be on every scalper discord and twitter within minutes.
  17. Rexton


    That's fair, was just an idea It's cool that you guys are at least trying to do something for loyal customers. Thats more than your competitors are doing at least
  18. Rexton


    An idea would be to ask those interested to post in a thread, then PM them a code Not sure if this can be automated on the forum side, but would avoid everyone and their nan seeing the codes
  19. Rexton

    Keeping up with the Markles

    Embarassingly low effort
  20. Rexton

    Keeping up with the Markles

    The posts I've seen are usually BBC news. To assume makes an ass out of you and me Bullied by who? Can you show this?