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  1. Tommy_Here

    NVIDIA 4000 Series

    I don't know where people are getting the 25% increase from. If we compare previous models based on the NAME only and not the gpu there's always been more than 25% increase. 980 > 780 more than 25% 980 Ti > 780 Ti more than 25% 1080 > 980 more than 25% So on and so forth. I'd expect the 4080...
  2. Tommy_Here

    1080Ti upgrade - will it choke?

    My brother has a i7-2600 none K version which boosts to 4.1ghz with a Titan Xp overclocked ( 2017 full fat gp102 ) and was a good upgrade from his 980 does the job yes but there's definitely a bottleneck even at 1440p. Go for it, you'll definitely see an increase and try clocking the...
  3. Tommy_Here

    Nvidia 4000 Estimated Launch Pricing

    Remember with each gen we always thought they would pull our pants down and they never. Remember we thought the 980 Ti would be £650-£700? And the 1080 Ti would be £899+ Turing was the first surprise in a bad way price wise which backfired and Nvidia knows that.. 4060 - £419.99 - this will be...
  4. Tommy_Here


    indeed a massive step in the right direction... is it too late though? Are we too close to the new GPU's coming out? that 6900xt looks enticing though! would definitely last me till RTX 5000 or AMD 8x series cards..
  5. Tommy_Here

    The Pascal GTX 1080 Ti Owners Thread

    Imo the 980 Ti will always hold a special place in my heart. 6gb Vram at the time was incredible and for £500 and with an overclock showed massive gains unlike today where factory cards offer a 2% increase... 780 Ti & 1080 Ti also great cards..
  6. Tommy_Here

    **Official Unigine Valley Leaderboard**

    Wow I didn't realise the last post was in March last year! Just chilling with my 2013 flagship ;) 1193mhz core 7.5ghz memory.
  7. Tommy_Here

    Unigine Heaven 4 benchmark

    edit... I can't figure if Imgur has changed but I can't find a forum link to paste here... what's everyone else using?
  8. Tommy_Here

    Unigine Heaven 4 benchmark

    Hi all, throw back to 2013 which was the first high end GPU I ever owned after previously having a 460 & 660 Ti... 1440p: Managed to grab for £60 but was reported running hot ( reference model ) so after I've stripped it down cleaned it up thermal grizzly conductonaut and a custom Vbios core...
  9. Tommy_Here

    Anyone just given up on looking for a new GPU?

    I completely agree with you.. my laptop isn't lacking either with a 1660 Ti and 1080p 144hz screen it's perfectly adequate for my needs.. I'm also saving for a house this year so I'm hoping by next year the GPU industry is much better and I will look to do a whole new system if not ill just...
  10. Tommy_Here

    Anyone just given up on looking for a new GPU?

    I've literally just managed to bag a series X at MSRP and with having the PS5 as well I can say I'm having so much more fun with ps Now and game pass something which with the combined prices would only net me a 3070 or so graphics card. I've not touched my pc and a proper game for actual months...
  11. Tommy_Here

    Anyone just given up on looking for a new GPU?

    I've got to say I'm more than happy with my playstation 5, I'm playing tlou 2, ratchet and clank & spiderman and they all look and play fantastically! Considering I paid retail price for my ps5 which won't even get you a vega card today or might get you a pascal card I've got to say I'm done...
  12. Tommy_Here


    Just look for a second hand r9 290 or GTX 970 for less than £100 - they can be had..
  13. Tommy_Here

    Time for a new GPU, what to buy?

    Nearly a grand for a 3070 Ti is a disgusting price and I would not spend that on an 8gb card leading into 2022... I would spend that on a 3080 Ti which lasts quite a while on the drops..
  14. Tommy_Here

    Possibly killed my 980 Ti classified?

    Hi all, After some feedback please, after so many repastes with thermal grizzly conductonaut to several graphics cards including Titan Xp, 980 Ti ref, 1080 FE all of which I have used thermal tape on the outside of the die itself to stop LM slipping onto the board I have done exactly the same...
  15. Tommy_Here

    GTX 970 to what?

    I'd look at a GTX 1070 if you WANT an upgrade now.. imo it should handle that resolution reasonably well.
  16. Tommy_Here

    30xx Series Founders Edition

    I agree, the FE is a excellent card imo. Not worth it at all.
  17. Tommy_Here


    Thank you for your feedback I appreciate it! :) overall I'm very impressed with the build quality! it does appear to have a slight buzzing sound which I can hear through the computer case? doesn't sound like coil whine though?? still a great card though I'm testing games at 1440p and still holds...
  18. Tommy_Here


    Ahh Brill thank you! That is a shame! Excluding the 290x which lasted a few hours, I've only ever had 1 AMD card 5700xt which went back due to memory clock not stable at stock.. so this is my 2nd AMD card vs dozens of nvidia cards.. I guess I'll have to leave it stock! Thank you
  19. Tommy_Here


    I've tried different versions of afterburner in which when I press the tick it reverts back to 500mhz, AMD's own OC'ing software doesn't have the option to overclock.. what am I missing :/
  20. Tommy_Here

    Firestrike Standard Bench.

    So I managed to get a 290x Lightning for the great price of.. FREE! but it wasn't working, anyway after stripping it apart flashing a new Vbios onto it, it seems to be working! Can't get past 1100mhz though.. still for not paying anything I'll take it! i7-8700k 5.0ghz R9 290X Lightning...