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  1. midville

    *** Sky TV Cancellation & Negotiation Thread ***

    Mine is going up to £141 in August, from £85 I think I need to get on the phone.
  2. midville

    BT Mobile Data

    Not exactly what you are asking but if you go via MYBT / My Mobile / Buy add on / UK add ons / you can add 1 Gb of data for £6
  3. midville

    New customer £35pm for 18 months deal back on

    TY seems to be a lot better value than the full BT package - will the process stop and move my number and BB or do I need to go back to BT? Thanks
  4. midville

    UHD - Amazon app - Smart TV issue 4K

    Mad dogs in 4k on Samsung via the app work fine for me - no issues here.
  5. midville

    Which Harmony Remote

    Smart Control here as well, the 'basic' remote which is with it is in my view very good (easy for the wife!). The app on your smart phone works well.
  6. midville

    All my sockets went of

    We had a similar issue and it turned out to be our Samsung fridge freezer (out of warranty) - very intermittent fault.
  7. midville

    Has anybody installed a MagnaClean?

    Got one here, for the money I think it is a good idea to have one fitted. First couple of runs complete black sludge. 18 months later every 3 months or so not as much sludge but still a fair amount of 'stuff' collected.
  8. midville

    Remote shutter release for 5D Mk3

    I have used it from behind the camera just need to bring it almost level with the body and still way out of shot.
  9. midville

    Remote shutter release for 5D Mk3

    For the money the Canon IR isn't too bad, as long as you are within 160 Deg or so in front of the camera. Normally I am only within several feet of the camera works fine for me.
  10. midville

    Alcatraz in Black and White

    Cool - best of luck with your book 2!
  11. midville

    Oil central heating thermostat - recommendations?

    Oil here and I have TADO, really impressed so far. The only slight glitch is the Apple Phone software 'location' doesn't update as often as Android, that's the wife. Really like TADO and would recommend it
  12. midville

    Plumbed Plinth Heaters - Kitchen

    bloodiedathame I'd imagine it was pretty marginal considering you'd probably only use it for 15mins in the morning. Have the heating on all the time here at the moment - work from home etc.
  13. midville

    Alcatraz in Black and White

    If it's about your travel then why not, how's it look if you crop the bottom so where your reflections ends becomes the bottom of the image?
  14. midville

    Plumbed Plinth Heaters - Kitchen

    I am hoping that it is cheaper to run than using 2Kw etc.
  15. midville

    Plumbed Plinth Heaters - Kitchen

    We have got one in our kitchen due to having a large window and stone floor. I am quite happy with it, heat output is good on the low fan setting, you can still hear the fan - nothing ridiculous. I couldn't have it on the high setting all the time but for a burst of heat it is ok to put up with...
  16. midville

    Gear insurance

    Will be interesting to see what other pay, to see if I am getting a good deal or not! Been with Glover & Howe for a few years now £10,000 kit / 2m PL / 75k PI - last year it cost £325.
  17. midville

    Canvas recommendations

    Never had to use their 10 year guarantee - maybe have a look here they are better value than Loxley.
  18. midville

    Titan Envy Duo Question

    Similar question to mine:
  19. midville

    Which Pre Build System?

    Thanks - ordered today made a couple of changes to the Cards MSI GeForce GTX 970 Gaming Edition / added a card reader. Thanks for pre and post sales help and changes.