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  1. xarksas

    Lost Ark EU - !!

    I played it for 5h and can say that the game is very, very good! (96% positives on steam!) Quite interesting, as I've never played hack and slash MMO with top down view . Pros: - Gameplay is absorbing with interesting skills - Wide range of available skills (8 skills can be easily attached to...
  2. xarksas

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080Ti to be "available" on June 3rd, RTX 3070Ti on June 10th

    I was able to grab one 3080Ti as well! Thanks for people suggesting using telegram for notifications!!! :D
  3. xarksas

    ##Atomic Heart thread##

    Looks interesting, however from trailers it is hard to say if (gameplay wise) it will be closer to Dishonored series (and Bioshock's) or e.g. Fallout 4. But from trailers I think it won't be the latter.
  4. xarksas

    The Outer Worlds 2

    I like how they mock game industry and even the CP2077 :P . Looking forward to it, especially that first part was really good!
  5. xarksas

    *** Guardians of Galaxy ***

    I think it is the same thing as with avengers (the game). They have marvel's license to make game based on comic books, but not the movies (no license from Disney). The game itself looks very interesting, hopefully it will be better than avengers, which were too boring (and empty-shelled) as...
  6. xarksas

    Stalker 2

    Cheeki breeki 2, count me in! Hopefully it will be far less bugged than previous parts... Never finished clear skies due to them (and tried like 4 times)...
  7. xarksas

    Starfield - Epic Space RPG by Bethesda

    Looks very intriguing. Shame that the release date is in 1.5 year (or most likely even later)...
  8. xarksas

    Forza Horizon 5 - Mexico

    Looking great! Even better that it is comming to gamepass! Cannot wait to play it :D
  9. xarksas

    PC Game Pass (was Xbox Game Pass for PC)

    How far ago exactly? As this issue started to occur for me like 2 months ago and after reading some forums I wasn't the only one with this problem.
  10. xarksas

    Lost Ark EU - !!

    New servers, new language, and I wouldn't be surprised if the monetisation would be different as well as european versions of asian MMO's are not as intrusive and P2W.
  11. xarksas

    Tiny Tina's Wonderlands ! - Borderlands spin-off

    Hopefully, It wouldn't be the first time though when game "magically" disappears from the steam store and becomes epic ex.
  12. xarksas

    Iiyama monitors, reliable?

    Everyone at my work have Iiyama monitors (so 30+ in total) and I have one at home as well (I have X2483HSU and at least half of the office supply is this one). I've never heard anybody have issues with them or complaining too much, so I cannot say much about the Iiyama's customer service. So it...
  13. xarksas

    Titan, Noble, Or Exec Chair ?

    I currently have Titan myself, softweave as I hate leather and PU leather chairs (sweating too much :D ). I can fully recommend it, as it is very comfortable and leage above my old exec chair...
  14. xarksas

    Suggestions of full tower for double water loop

    I'm thinking about upgrading my mid-tower for full tower, as I plan to add second water loop (for GPU) and would like more space in the case. Currently I'm considering Thermaltake X71, Be Quiet Pro 900 or Corsair D1000 (this one is expensive!). However I'm open to other suggestions as well...
  15. xarksas

    PC Game Pass (was Xbox Game Pass for PC)

    Anybody knows if Dragon Quest XI has been fixed on gamepass so far? I cancelled my XGP after it deleted/stopped loading my saves for this game after playing 40+ hours...
  16. xarksas

    *** PC Gaming - Daily Deals Thread ***

    @Kautya and @Digital X Thanks! I heard that Surviving mars is great, and never had chance to play KC:D and Wildlands as well. I've heard that Wildlands is great for coop.
  17. xarksas

    Tiny Tina's Wonderlands ! - Borderlands spin-off

    I think it is good enough (not as good as previous parts though). I hope that wonderlands will be good as well and it won't be epic exclusive again...
  18. xarksas

    Ubistore worst of the bunch?

    The same with EA and their Origin no? EA is probably even worse, since they have two lunchers now... Anyway for me the worst so far is Epic Store... and I actually do not mind "UbisoftConnect" that much
  19. xarksas

    Lost Ark EU - !!

    Same here, signed up yesterday via amazon, and received steam alpha key today. Didn't have chance to play yet, though.
  20. xarksas

    *** Elden Ring ***

    Hype is real, cannot wait for it, since all FromSoftware games are amazing! Especially liked the "potman" in the trailer :D