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  1. lokiss

    Games worth upgrading your system for

    VR centric, but it's still the case where the more you have under the hood, the better it's going to be for you. Personally i blew the load on my love of playing Assetto Corsa online, but in truth everything high end just either gets there or struggles when you blow it up in a Reverb G2. Normal...
  2. lokiss

    Assetto Corsa Competizione

    More this one, as it was aimed at the G2. I would imagine though that the one over at RD is optimized much the same.
  3. lokiss

    Assetto Corsa Competizione

    Watching a few of those laps, you're losing so much time on you're exits bumping the inside of those curbs. That's the most obvious, but i think you can brake and release a little earlier around the lesmo's to carry more speed in to the apexes. Trail braking turn 1 and snapping the car across...
  4. lokiss

    Assetto Corsa Competizione

    Umm need to renew the sub, it's just lapsed. ACC has sprung back to life for me recently after swapping out SteamVR and going with the OpenXR though the G2. Applying the various optimizations such as the nvidia profile, the engine file, custom graphics config, and aforementioned openxr...
  5. lokiss

    What film did you watch last night?

    Just watched Shutter Island. Found it rather tedious, the numerous flashbacks, cutting back and forth and ponderous scenes playing over and over all rather boring. I see the word 'gripping' used in a lot of the Imdb reviews, the constant tedium prevented that ever taking a hold for me. Come the...
  6. lokiss

    first movie you watched at the cinema

    Happy days. We rented all those Disney live action films on VHS on a Saturday.
  7. lokiss

    What TV shows are you currently watching

    Just ended up watching Travelers. Watched it on broadcast as a weekly show, so id largely forgotten most of it. Instantly reminded in the first episode of why i liked it, had totally forgotten about the sad ending. The last couple of episodes are a real gut wrench, Mackenzie Porter and Patrick...
  8. lokiss

    first movie you watched at the cinema

    Lot of firsts for people here that i have great memories of going to see with friends or family. 1980 for me, Herbie Goes Bananas at the Curzon in Loughborough.
  9. lokiss

    What film did you watch last night?

    Ghostbusters Afterlife. Enough to not trip over the boundaries, feeling the 10 year old again in my 40's. I don't think they had to play the ending out as they did, could have left it in the minds eye. A film for all ages, solid entertainment.
  10. lokiss

    What is the most expensive thing you have bought secondhand?

    Pinball tables. Over the last few years they've rocketed in value, ten fold in some cases from the prices i payed when actively buying.
  11. lokiss

    Your top 5 films (not judging, looking for options)

    MI: Rogue Nation The Firm Platoon LA Confidential V For Vendetta
  12. lokiss

    *** Official DCS World Thread ***

    Waiting till it moves over from the beta. I've no idea how long that process normally takes, but having pre ordered it when it dropped, naturally it can't come soon enough.
  13. lokiss

    *** VR Deals Thread ***

    Where the X series excels is in it's everything approach. Empire building, the ability to setup trade syndicates, building up huge capital war machines, and all the fun of either manually tasking yourself or automating the process. Combat can be awesome too, the 360 space iron man gesture...
  14. lokiss

    *** VR Deals Thread ***

    260 hrs in to the game. The gesture motion controls make the game, head tracked aiming if you want it too. The major downside was them deciding it needed to be a jack of all trades compromise product, both VR and flat screen support, hotas, motion control, that trips over itself occasionally...
  15. lokiss

    *** VR Deals Thread ***

    Just noticed Star Wars Squadrons is like £8.74 for nearly 2 weeks. Quite a hostile reception, but the Walking Dead Onslaught is on a deep dive for £8. Also another historical low, X Rebirth VR is only £10. Three games of decent quality worthy of the price.
  16. lokiss

    Heardle - daily quiz for music intros in spirit of Wordle

    #15 Yeah, I just do....?
  17. lokiss

    Why have graphics stagnated for almost 20 years?

    Obviously not on the surface of it. I understand the line of thinking though if you look at from a functional perspective. Once 3D acceleration became a thing beyond arguably beyond the first generation, the actual core gameplay and experience wasn't hindered by shoddy pixelated engines, or...
  18. lokiss

    Beat saber

    Todays update compelled me to dig up some more tracks. Of the ones that stuck, Whitesnakes 'here i go again' excellent rolling drum and guitar solo routines on a above average map once you get beyond the slow intro. Two 80's pop tunes in ABC's Poison Arrow, and Madonna's Holiday, both are...
  19. lokiss

    What Virtual Reality games are you playing?

    Bigscreen goes toe to toe with Competizione for the no1 usage slot. Sat in and watched Real Genius for the first time in 30 odd years last week, a bunch of wise cracking americans around my age made it all the more fun. With Vox machinae getting updated, it reminded me to play Mechwarrior 5...
  20. lokiss

    Neighbours axed

    Last in to it about 22 years ago, became regular as finishing work became a on the dot thing at the time. That Billy and Anne storyline engrossed me until it's conclusion. Before that i remember watching it a lot in the 80's like everybody else at school. Nearly 40 years is a decent innings...