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  1. KizZ

    Vietnam on the 24th May

    Ah I was there 2013 Aug/Sept time and I do remember seeing some signs and menus in Russian. Still, it was a very calm place. I was told it hasn't changed much since then.
  2. KizZ

    Is it ok to be proud to be white?

    Being proud of your race? Maybe. But you can definitely be proud of your heritage, ancestors and their achievements. One night I was thinking in my bed before sleeping how much Western Europeans have contributed to science, technology, engineering etc. and it's mind-blowing! I read a statistic...
  3. KizZ

    Vietnam on the 24th May

    Looking at the map of Con Dao, there is a small airport there and according to flightradar24, there are flights from HCM and Can Tho. I do NOT recommend going to Nha Trang. I was there 2013 for the first time, then went back 2018. Oh my how the place has changed in just 5 years. Crowded, loads...
  4. KizZ

    BBC salaries revealed !!

    Start up the rotors... Just don't pay TV licence to this degenerate feminist, demagogue, cuckolded organisation. :mad:
  5. KizZ

    United States presidential election 2016 (Clinton Vs. Trump) :D
  6. KizZ

    Social Justice Warriors

    Jordan B Peterson, what a legend :cool:
  7. KizZ

    10 police officers shot by snipers at BLM protest in Dallas

    Paul Joseph Watson dropping the thurth bombs as usual.
  8. KizZ

    ISIL, ISIS, Daesh discussion thread.

  9. KizZ

    Paris attacks.

    BREAKING: Islamic State releases video threatening more attacks on France
  10. KizZ

    OnePlus X

    The phone looks really nice and its specs are looking great too. It even has FM radio!
  11. KizZ

    The EU Migrant Crisis

  12. KizZ

    £500 design PC. Show me your best!

    That looks great thanks. :) What's your opinion of AMD nowadays? Is Intel better for design software?
  13. KizZ

    £500 design PC. Show me your best!

    Evening fellas, Doing a design build for a friend on a really tight budget. He will be using Adobe software, Autocad, Archicad etc. I'm a little out of touch with the latest hardware at the moment, so wondering if you could advise here. The rendering is done by the CPU so I'm guessing...
  14. KizZ

    OnePlus One.

    Great phone indeed apart from the availability and bugs. Hopefully all these issues will be resolved with updates soon.
  15. KizZ

    OnePlus One.

    This phone is far too cheap for me to complain. I'll just sit back and patiently wait for the reviews. I'm perfectly happy with my Nexus 5 so far, so I'm not in a rush to buy this phone... yet :D I thought their promotional video is really cool though. FAR better than any of the other...
  16. KizZ

    Show Off Your Dish (Picture Thread) (Rules added)

    Wow so many pizzas on this page lol. Well anyway, this is my first post on this sub forum. Homemade pizza with chestnut mushrooms and chorizo. Finally nailed how to go get it right and always getting fantastic results now. :D Might post the whole recipe soon.
  17. KizZ

    Photos missing after hard drive upgrade? Help please!

    Thanks! Wow we managed to find them. We plugged in the knackered hard drive which is still working and managed to find all the data, even her music and other stuff. Hmm I think we just did something wrong when copying the files. We are new to fixing Macs :o
  18. KizZ

    Photos missing after hard drive upgrade? Help please!

    Hello :) Me and a friend did a hard drive upgrade for another friend for her Macbook Pro. Her old one was running extremely slow and a check in with SeaTools confirmed that it was broken/damaged. So we backed up all her data on an external HDD and installed OS X on the brand new Samsung SSD...
  19. KizZ

    £500 design rig!

    Thanks. That looks good. I'll see if I can persuade him to stretch his budget :D. Any other suggestions anyone? :)
  20. KizZ

    £500 design rig!

    Yes it can. As for the PSU I'll have to check. Doomedspeed, thanks for that. What do you think of the cheaper AMDs? Is the i7 the best for his needs? And also, will that graphics card be powerful enough for his work?