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  1. chrisxuk

    Call of Duty 2016 - Includes COD4 remaster

    Does anybody find that the game is unplayable for the first minute or two when joining a new match?
  2. chrisxuk

    Nail in bag roulette trick goes wrong on TV

    Really? Looked like everything was in hand to me..
  3. chrisxuk

    Shared Photo Stream storage query

    Hi, Keep getting an alert on my mothers 16GB iPad saying that the storage is running low. After looking in the Storage on the device Photos & Camera is taking up 2.9GB, then looking further into that Photo Library is using just 489MB, My Photo Stream is using 399KB and then Shared Photo...
  4. chrisxuk

    Marvel & Netflix - Daredevil

    Yep, every episode is available. Watching E01 currently.
  5. chrisxuk

    What watch do you wear?

    Went into my local AD on Tuesday with the intention of looking at a Sea Dweller, walked out with the below instead
  6. chrisxuk

    Mechanical Keyboard Sample Kit

    Can I be on the list as well Location - Cheshire
  7. chrisxuk

    iPhone 6...

    Thanks. I think i've figured what was stopping me from the backing up. Since upgrading to iOS 9 it had selected to back up every single app i had installed which included AV Player that has multiple TV episodes in it's library. It was backing up each of these episodes which added a couple of...
  8. chrisxuk

    iPhone 6...

    Since upgrading to iOS 9 has anybody else been unable to back their phone up to iCloud? I've got around 4GB free out of the standard 5GB on my account and each time it attempts to back up i get a message saying there is not enough space.
  9. chrisxuk

    NASA to make "major" Mars announcement tomorrow

    NASA to Confirm Active Briny Water Flows on Mars
  10. chrisxuk

    Black Ops 3 Beta Code

    Any spare PC codes around?
  11. chrisxuk

    *** Rocket League PS4 Thread ***

    Is anybody actually able to join a game online? Haven't been able to all day, it just seems to constantly search
  12. chrisxuk

    Apple Music pricing

    Great, that has worked. Beats1 playing just fine now. Thanks
  13. chrisxuk

    Apple Music pricing

    Does anybody else have issues listening to Beats1 in iTunes on Windows? Works fine on my iPhone and Macbook, it's just Windows where it doesn't seem to play at all.
  14. chrisxuk

    *** PC Gaming - Daily Deals Thread ***

    Do you know if that is for a copy on Steam?
  15. chrisxuk

    ***Official GTAV PC Thread*** [Important warning updated in the OP]

    Anybody know where the cheapest place to pick this is up for Steam?
  16. chrisxuk

    Looking to upgrade from a 4850 512MB

    Couldn't make it to the store yesterday, but just ordered online so hopefully with DPD Next Day delivery it should be here by Tuesday!
  17. chrisxuk

    Looking to upgrade from a 4850 512MB

    Thanks for that. Overclockers is only 20 minutes away so should be able to take a trip later today :) Hopefully it'll fit in my case as well, I have an Antec 902.
  18. chrisxuk

    Looking to upgrade from a 4850 512MB

    Thanks for the link. I've just had a look and my PSU is only 550W. It's the OCZ ZS Series 550W I believe. Looking on the product page it says that - 600W or greater PSU required :( Is this going to be a serious issue?
  19. chrisxuk

    Looking to upgrade from a 4850 512MB

    Hi all, Looking at potentially upgrading my PC so that I can get back into playing some of the latest games, such as GTA V and have a feeling my current card (4850 512MB) just won't handle it. I re-downloaded BF3 the other day and was struggling just to move forward smoothly. Current...
  20. chrisxuk

    The Snowsports Thread 2014-15

    Avoriaz for me on the 7th. First time snowboarding after doing the beginner & improver day lessons at the Chill Factore. One concern currently is how to get on and off chairlifts! Been watching plenty of videos on Youtube :p