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  1. Danm54

    Hot water settings

    You can on a pressurised cylinder. The expansion vessel/air gap and all the pressure and temperature relief valves are fitted to the cylinder and the incoming cold supply. On tank fed cylinders you have to leave the expansion pipe open, so while you could fit one after the tee for the expansion...
  2. Danm54

    What did you do to your bike today?

    I only ended up there following the ex's directions so all it did was take much longer to get where we were going. Fyi, if you want to see the dams don't type in Elan Valley, it'll take you to the middle of the res! I love water crossings, the faster flowing rivers are sketchy and the bomb...
  3. Danm54

    What did you do to your bike today?

    The byway around that res goes on forever! Never taken the bike that way but ended up down there in the Landy, I didn't find it that that interesting to be honest but I guess it's different on a bike.
  4. Danm54

    Biking Meet Up OcUK

    There was one Nuneaton/Hinckley way, not quite 10 years ago but must be getting on that now.
  5. Danm54

    The down sides of buying online

    This, I've got a medium size parcel box and it's brilliant. I rarely order anything too big to fit in it but that usually gets left by the box anyway, even though the box is up the lane from my house. I do live in a fairly remote area though so I don't worry about parcels going missing.
  6. Danm54

    I think our house is shockingly badly insulated.

    If you're just checking the rads are big enough then it isn't that complicated. Find a heat loss calculator online, City Plumbing have a good one, put in your room sizes, construction, window area etc and it'll give you a btu and Kw figure that your rad should meet. Little trickier finding the...
  7. Danm54

    Boiler condensate pump

    Any plumbers merchant will be open tomorrow, City Plumbing, Plumb Centre etc. Even Screwfix probably do a condensate pump. Google really is your friend here....
  8. Danm54

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Bit far north for my knowledge, closest I could offer is Happy Valley and the Horseshoe/******* Lane near Mach. The lanes thin out once you get further north in Snowdonia.
  9. Danm54

    The nervous wait to exchange....

    Following on from this, nearly 3 months later, I've finally had confirmation of completion and transfer of deeds. The ex is paid, even if she did make a last minute £10k increase in what she wanted, the remortgage is done and the house is mine, I can now relax and enjoy Christmas knowing all my...
  10. Danm54

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Well I didn't address those but they're sorted. Went for a shakedown ride in the wet and it ran and stopped fine so I booked it in for an mot. The 40 mile round trip for that was also in the rain but the bike runs great, plenty of poke from low rpm and holds the road well, seems to smooth out...
  11. Danm54

    The nervous wait to exchange....

    We bought with an incorrect boundary, everyone agreed where it was supposed to be so we ended up moving in and the solicitor held a £5k retainer until it was sorted. Took a good 7 months after moving before Land Registry completed it.
  12. Danm54

    Mod request - tell us your favourite things

    Well that's going to be an awkward conversation with whoever looks at my search history....
  13. Danm54

    Fire Thread! - Stoves, Wood, Axes, Chainsaws

    I've got through about 1m³ in the last month along with about 50kg of coal and anthracite, it is my primary heat source though. 200c isn't that hot for a stove, your flue should be over 250c regularly anyway.
  14. Danm54

    Cash is only used by the poor or elderly

    Only old people wear smart watches, it makes them feel young and on trend :p
  15. Danm54

    Can you refit a broken tile?

    PVA has been used by a lot of people for many years (including me) and I'm sure loads will swear by it. I only use Primer G before tiling and PVA before bonding, plastering etc. Would I go out and buy Primer G in the OP's case? No, for a job that small and temporary I'd save the £20.
  16. Danm54

    Can you refit a broken tile?

    You're really over complicating things here. It's worked on odd bits of board for years so there's no reason you can't patch it up for another few years. Sure cement board is better but if you're redoing the bathroom in future then it's not really needed. Don't worry too much about tiles that...
  17. Danm54

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Not anywhere near Aberystwyth are you? I know a fair few lanes in the area if you're ever local. I added a new one to the stable today. Suzuki DR800, with it's little brother the DR350 in the background, what a pair! I've got the original wheels as well but I think I'll keep the supermoto...
  18. Danm54

    Junction Box in Loft near header/expansion tank

    If there's a catastrophic failure of the header tanks then a wet junction box is the least of your worries.
  19. Danm54

    Solar panels

    I have solar thermal on my house. Have 4 flat plate collectors, 2 facing east and 2 west. Both feed a 500L thermal store which heats the hot water and also gets used for the heating. The solar collectors, pipework, pump stations, controller etc was just shy of £4k, fitted it myself so don't...
  20. Danm54

    Addresses and Google Maps

    I live in rural Mid Wales, my address is House Name Hamlet Town 12 Miles Away Postcode I'm over half a mile down a gated lane with about 8 houses on it, most delivery drivers find me now but I have a screenshot of google maps with my house pinned and a nearby village visible, that works for...