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  1. d_brennen

    Graphics card sudden death

    Autopsy and pics!
  2. d_brennen

    Today's UK Government Farce - Passports

    My wife was trying for a whole day and the ended up speaking to somone on the Welsh language option. Cheeky, yes, but there was no other way... Our daughter's passport has been signed for a month ago but is still showing that they are waiting for it. We only half planned to go abroad, domestic...
  3. d_brennen

    AMD to unveil Zen 4 CPUs at CES 2022

    Decades of competition and ample supply. OEMs need to shift 10s of thousands of the same spec machines and need reassurance that the supplier can come up with the goods. That's how AMD got started, a required second source to Intel
  4. d_brennen

    Is everyone's home PC just an internet and gaming machine?

    I have a 286 in the loft, 2MB RAM! Prince of Persia in CGA with glorious 1 channel beeper
  5. d_brennen

    Driving is dead :(

    They'd probably enjoy that. There's certainly something repressed in people like that
  6. d_brennen

    Are EV’s really the way to go?

    The building I work in has power delivered at something like 400v and then stepped down, so it is entirely possible. Not sure of the details, no a sparky and only know of this from a passing conversation with the site manager. Apparently it's more efficient than taking 240V from the general grid
  7. d_brennen

    Is my work colleague flirting with me?

    This is why I keep my sexual harassment in person, usually in the store cupboard with no witnesses
  8. d_brennen

    This is getting ridiculous (energy prices)

    Shame you aren't cooking, heating your house and cleaning your clothes with your PC :cry:
  9. d_brennen

    When the Gpu's prices will go down ?

    For these edge cases you can bend over, vaseline optional
  10. d_brennen

    When the Gpu's prices will go down ?

    Just in time for them to be replaced :cry:
  11. d_brennen

    Ukraine Invasion - Please do not post videos showing attacks/similar

    Probably more durable than the real thing
  12. d_brennen

    I didn't expect this!

    How many strains of hepatitis?! :cry:
  13. d_brennen

    When the Gpu's prices will go down ?

    It's too late for me in this release cycle. I'll put up and wait for the next gen
  14. d_brennen

    Which CPU to buy in this ugly situation?

    Back in the day, did this blind as didn't have another GPU :)
  15. d_brennen

    Ukraine Invasion - Please do not post videos showing attacks/similar

    I reckon a good portion of this forum population would be incredible drone pilots, even with all the killing. It's just targets on a screen, we've been training all our lives
  16. d_brennen

    Madeleine McCann cops ask Home Office for more money to continue search for missing child

    It's not unprecedented for guilty parties to get themselves into the spotlight. Ian Huntley springs to mind, I'm sure there are several more examples
  17. d_brennen

    The bodily changes of getting older

    Waking up at 5AM for no reason is my least favourite. Why!? I love sleep
  18. d_brennen

    Scum Scammers

    You're doing god's work
  19. d_brennen

    Young boys and their Noisy cars

    It's way less common these days than when I was 17 (nearly 40). We all had tricked out Vauxhall Novas and Peugeot 205s :D Come 2032 kids won't be able to afford cars or electricity to make noise so just hang in there