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  1. Yosiah

    i7-9700K build advice

    I do, but I'm short sighted so I don't actually need them for anything close xD
  2. Yosiah

    i7-9700K build advice

    Yeah I agree it's generally amazing. It just sucks in games that regularly drop from 100+ to 60. It's like on desktop if you drag a window around at 60hz compared to 144hz. You can tell the difference no matter how smooth it is. Gsync dropping from 100 to 60... Yeah it's smooth, but I can see...
  3. Yosiah

    i7-9700K build advice

    Does it bother you when frames drop from 144 to, say 70? I hate how I can feel the refresh rate drop (blurrier and less responsive).
  4. Yosiah

    i7-9700K build advice

    I'm an idiot who wants to buy a 9700k for 1080p 60hz xD Probably overkill lol. I've tried 144hz but I'm not a fan of variable refresh in MMO games or very UI centric, highly fluctuating frame rate games. I don't like how one moment the refresh rate is smooth and clear and the next it's blurry...
  5. Yosiah

    i7-9700K build advice

    I'm having to decide between these CPUs as well. Really tempted to just go 9700k even if it's about £80 more (I don't want to use a stock cooler if I went AMD). I've had problems with AMD in the past, which are probably a non issue nowadays, like frame pacing and had BIOS updates.
  6. Yosiah

    MATX Build. B450m MAX, Z390M or wait...

    I've been trying to decide for ages... I've been playing my PS4 a lot lately but have the urge to play some MMOs again, especially with the upcoming 2020 MMOs like Amazon's New World. I'm also missing keyboard and mouse and PC only titles. My problem is I can't decide between: Z390M + 9700k...
  7. Yosiah

    AMD Zen 2 (Ryzen 3000) - *** NO COMPETITOR HINTING ***

    I'm still deciding whether I want to upgrade my main 9600k machine to Ryzen, or just slot in a higher intel on my Z390M. I like the idea of having x570, though, because it gives me the option of Gen4 SSD, and it's 7nm (hopefully Ryzen will finally run cooler than Intel, and I run Small Form...
  8. Yosiah

    SW:TOR 24 Jan update

    I'm resubbing so I can play all SoR, KOTFE and KOTET. Haven't played since Christmas 2012 lol. Should be worth it for the story and 2-manning flashpoints with my boyfriend.
  9. Yosiah

    What game in history have you played the most?

    God I wanna start FFXI again, but there's probably no point.
  10. Yosiah

    PlayStation 4 Pro in-bound

    Hopefully stores will have stock on Thursday because I'd rather just walk into tesco and use staff discount.
  11. Yosiah

    AOC Agon AG271QG

    Wondering whether to get this as I can't find the pg279q in stock anywhere lok
  12. Yosiah

    Whats happened to the 165hz IPS monitors?

    I've been trying to get one of these for two months now. No where stocks them, or when they do they've all been taken during the preorder window. I wish the r9 was out so I could just go mg279q
  13. Yosiah

    PlayStation 4 Pro in-bound

    Probably gonna get a PS4 pro. I've had a gaming pc for ages now, and I even just upgraded it to a 1070, 6700, but I'm fed up of games having frametime issues, Driver issues, stuttering issues, mouse issues... I spend more time fretting about the settings than I do playing. I've just been playing...
  14. Yosiah

    PlayStation 4 Pro in-bound

    It will render the ui at 4k, and then the 3d game elements at 1080p upscale, so will be a tad blurry I expect, depending on how good the scaler is.
  15. Yosiah

    Titanfall 2

    Key websites went mainstream, that's why. :(
  16. Yosiah

    *** Battlefield 1 ***

    Nice xD I can find BF1 for 39.99 and TiFa2 for 36.99 :'( I recently bought Overwatch, too, but it's not for me. I want something different.
  17. Yosiah

    *** Battlefield 1 ***

    I can't decide so I'll buy neither xD
  18. Yosiah

    *** Battlefield 1 ***

    Gah can't pick between BF1 or TiFa2.
  19. Yosiah

    "Triple A" games you wasted money on.

    Division Mankind Divided Thief
  20. Yosiah

    ***World of Warcraft : Legion***

    Hey, I have a 60hz screen, 1920x1080. With VSYNC on, in Windowed or Fullscreen, I get a strange mouse skipping issue if I slowly pan the camera. The camera pans smoothly, but every so often it kinda jitters. Afterburner with 100ms polling shows fluid 60 and fluid 16.6ms (and even capping at 60...