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  1. st2000

    Project Rainbow (ITX)

    Looking great so far, good work on the mods.
  2. st2000

    Overclockers Pre-binned CPU/Bundles - Advice needed

    Was looking at 4.8Ghz and 5Ghz Bundles
  3. st2000

    Overclockers Pre-binned CPU/Bundles - Advice needed

    Just looking for a little advice - sorry if this has been mentioned on a previous thread. With the 8700K overclocked bundles, is this overclock offered covering all the cores on the CPU. Also do these CPU's come delidded? Thanks
  4. st2000

    Project 'EVIE' - Steampunk 1886 Build

    I got to say this has been pretty much one of the best builds i've ever seen. Well done - Looks amazing
  5. st2000

    Project : Elemental

    Amazing job on that mate. Looks fantastic
  6. st2000

    *** Official SONOS Thread ***

    Yeah this is what I'm waiting for also, I suspect early 2017
  7. st2000

    EVGA 1080 FTW Thermal Mod made a difference

    Would you recommend the EVGA 1080 FTW edition though? Im currently in the process of ordering, its either this or the EVGA Strix 1080
  8. st2000

    *** £490 OFF! Titan X Pascal ***

    That's a fair saving
  9. st2000

    Would you buy a used GTX970 from Ebay?

    I rarely use eBay personally but I have sold a couple of cards on purely from upgrades myself.
  10. st2000

    How often to renew thermal paste?

    Personally when changing coolers, never seem to have a need to otherwise.
  11. st2000

    Black Friday (25/11/16)

    Anyone remember what OCUK had on offer last Black Fri?
  12. st2000

    Black Friday (25/11/16)

    Hopefully a 1080 FTW Edition and a nice 4K TV. Then can take advantage of 4K Gaming via Nvidia Shield :D
  13. st2000


    Looking amazing.
  14. st2000

    Project Smurf 3.0

    Thats some delay, but I bet it will look amazing when you receive.
  15. st2000

    Show us your pumpkin competition!

    Got to say these look amazing. Well done all.
  16. st2000

    First Water Project: The Mad Titan

    Looks absolutely amazing. Well done.